Friday, November 30, 2012

Overthinkin and a locust shell

Fall sets in around here about the time others in the country are gettin snow. Just passin the days away, not really knowin when this time here at my parents will be over. They say wherever you are, BE there. 
Well, I just kinda feel like hibernating through this season of life. Sounds pretty selfish, I know. Believe me, I have constant inner dialogue with and about myself. I've been called an "overthinker" a few times, merited for sure.

Get used to no "me" time once you have little ones.  But it's okay.

You get to do stupid stuff to your kids while no one's around. Not anything abusive just enough to give you the giggles. Keeps your heart young. 
Can't believe my son's such a bug weenie. So's his dad ;)
Smart girl. Get a weapon.

I'm missin my best buddy today. I'm missin my alone time with my husband. I'm missin the freedom to walk around buck nekid in my own house. Not that I ever did, but I'm missin the option to. 
I hope all 5 people who read this are doin well today, I hope your life is fullfilling and sweet or it's just about to be. And remember guys, if the problems in other people's lives are overshadowing the joy you feel in livin your own, then maybe you're investing in the wrong pot. 
Peace, peace and peace.


  1. Love ur shirt;) I wore mine the other day too. I miss ya bunches;)

  2. That shot of you son shrieking in repulsion in his little car is AWESOME. Today, I'll walk around naked in my house in your honor. Okay maybe not.

    1. But just knowin you have the option is good enough! Thanks for spreadin the love <3