Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Droopy Tuesday

Warning. Broken record alert.....

We hear from an actual, live employee of our lending company that we are expected to be clear to close this week. I feel like a heel complaining because their home office is in Parsippany, New Jersey and was closed for a week after Hurricane Sandy. So, perspective, please come. I need you now like I never needed you before. I miss your comforting consolation when life just seems so darn unfair. Perspective, you were once at  the helm of this ship, have you fallen overboard?.... My mood is so droopy today.....And I know my husband's gettin loopy because I caught him petting my parent's cat in the garage last night. I haven't seen that man touch a cat since 02'. Totally Team dog.
I am very grateful that we have their support but living at my parents house can feel so demoralizing at times.
Maybe it has something to do with all the propaganda they have posted around......
 I've always disliked this hanging plate. Now it just plain mocks me.

It's just normal for husband and wife to not feel comfortable sharing a room with 3 little kids, right? And that awkward food preparation moment when you're making a meal for your family. Do you make enough for the 5 other people who live here? Will you be a jerk if you just take care of the ones who are already milking all you got? How about when your eating your bag of snack size Doritos and your sister's like "Aw man, you got Doritos".There's only like 12 chips in that lil ol' bag, hardly enough for even one person for boon's sake!..... I need to make a puppet. That always puts my world back on it's proper spin........


  1. I hope things work out soon! I would feel the same way. Your parents signs are sort of hilarious though, haha. Sorry. You will be out of there soon enough :]

    1. Thanks for peppin me up! It's sometimes too much to handle. I appreciate your encouraging words :) As long as they don't hang any signage on our bedroom door.....

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