Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arts&Crafts Showcase my foot!

I was just commenting the other other day on how little my side of the world had to offer in way of flea markets. Funny enough, I just found a local gem and couldn't be more proud :) When I was growin up in this neck of the woods there was only one resale shop which is now closed. Now there's a few charity ones, a Goodwill and it just came to my attention this indoor flea market. It had me fooled our first 2 months here, proclaiming "Arts&Crafts". It was the Michael's craft store when I was young so I believed it.
It really should consider changing that sign because this place is waaaaay better than one of those thingies. Believe me.
 This just makes me smile. A mini adventure  :) And everything on here was half off to boot!
 Seriously. This shelf was $35. I have some birthday money from my granny....should I? If anyone says yes, it'll tip me over the edge ;)
 Aint that so pretty? A stack full of multicolored knits just warms my heart.....
 Ava actually opened this box up and found all this goodness. I woulda walked right on by.....
 Gosh, I really stood in front of this awhile. And even came back and stood in front of it some more. It's still kinda buggin me....... Well, here's what I did get!
 I was sure this had been marked wrong or I wasn't reading it right. But it really was only $10 for the set. Rae, if you're reading this I humbly apologize  ;)
 BAZAM! Lovin me some hot pink funk :) These look like they were hand painted by some little 70's girl for a mother's day gift. So sweet....

 $2 for both plates. When this home of ours materializes I know just where these go in my kitchen.....

 This pillow was in a box that said "All Pillows $3" and then under that was another sign that said "40% off" . So yeah, however much that was. I got a steal.

 This Pound Puppy ornament was 10 freakin cents! And this mouse was 25cents. Where's the mouse from?
My lil babies were just cryin at the fence. They couldn't stand not bein able to touch all that neat little stuff I was photographing. You shoulda heard their pleas. It was fun guys but behind the scenes life's a storm over here. My dad has pneumonia and it scares me. I never see my dad down, he's always been so strong. When I got home this afternoon he was all laid up in his chair and he's still there. I hope he lets me do whatever I can to make him comfortable tomorrow.


  1. ugh!!! those pugs! such a good find! i never find vintage pug stuff! i love the basset hound salt and pepper shakers!