Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some Lately, Lately

Lately (as in last 24 hours)
 This is in top 3 of Most Awesome Things to Find While Putting Up Laundry....

 This is in top 5 of Worst Yet Most Predictable Things to Find While Your Bustin Your Hump to Reclean Home After Three Day's of Sickness
 You can't hide your laziness from the digital world.....
 Top 3 in First Field Day Moment.........
 First Spot in Look Mom, I'm Kung Fu.......
 And random new Granny/Amish/Salem Witch (perspective?)  Gearin up to do a "Collections" post cuz I LOVE yall's collection's posts :) Collection's Posts are Top 3 in 
Best Things About Blogs for me.
Hope you knock this day outta the park! I plan to make it a great one, even if by sheer will ;)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gossip seat makeover, lazy edition

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody (Delena). Jerome is sick in bed so it was a bummer morning.But then the boredom inspired me to tackle a project I been putting off because A) I am lazy and B) I am lazy.
Remember this old gossip seat I scored for $5 back when my blog used to be interesting?
Well, it got a super pretty makeover today :) And only because my son completely mangled the seat fabric by makin a once near invisible tear into a work of 3 year old art.
 I didn't put any real thought into this. I just used whatever was on hand as far as durable seat fabric and contact paper. I find that slappin stuff together usually comes out just as nice as when I agonize over details and planning. 

 I wanted to model the chair and Sarah joined me.

 Then both girls insisted I let them "model" some more.....

Not such a waste of a day after all :)
It's very rare that I'm creatively productive even though I identify myself as a creative person.
Anybody else got the same setback?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

First flowers

Catchin these firefly memories while they're fresh.
My blog is like a mason jar with breathing holes cut in the lid.
 Our first flowers grown here in our home. I picked zinnias because it's what me and granny grew together when I lived with her :) 
Sarah helped plant so she's been eyein em' everyday. Nothin amazes a child like watchin their garden grow... <3

Friday, May 24, 2013

Farewell old friend.........

Don't waste your time on this post. It's really for me.
Trust me.
 So, we haven't bothered with tv because we didn't have an antennae since we moved in. Delena randomly gave us one last week and when we plugged it in I checked the tv programs. 
It was The Office Finale!!!! I have been watching it since it first aired.  Even while we lived with my parents, Thursday night I was goin out on the porch alone to watch it because my nephew had his show (stupid crime scene crap) and the porch was THE only place to hear it anyway.
 I am SO glad that we got hooked up televisionally on that day. I knew I was missin the final season but had just gotten over it. What a treat to catch the last show! But what the heck was goin on with Andy?! Why was everyone so sad and awkward around him?   Don't tell me.... I will just wait till I can watch the whole season on box set. 
 Loved the panel questions from townspeople. But there was a buttload more questions I wanted asked. They could do a whole episode on that. Too late now...
 I knew he was comin back!!! And I notice those sneakers didn't put his name in the opening creds with guest stars ;) I was still waitin for it....
 You did well, Jim. You did well.

 Phyllis carried Angela down the aisle!
 Awww, Micheal has his family finally *small tear*
 He said that it was like watching his kids get married *big tear*

 Go Pam! Love the mural :)

 One last time....then a quick flashback...

 Creed's story finally came out ;)

 Flashbacks galore....
 Back when Micheal hung the painting of Dunder Mifflin.....
 Glad Pam grabbed it on the way out <3

Did you really stick around??
I did warn you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thanks for the night out Ghost Buddy :)

Hey buddy. 
This blog's for you.
Thanks for stealin me away for a night out.
Thanks for budgeting and buyin us some dinner....
Thanks for lettin me shamelessly lay down on that $5,000 couch in that ridiculously expensive store that rhymes with Manthropologie.
Thanks for bringin the cheese as you excitedly posed with various items we couldn't afford in that store...

Though there was one item that truly saddened you with it's unattainable price tag.....

Thanks for steppin away to talk to a random security guard while I had my fill of people watchin and makin fun of over sexualized rich white teenagers makin a fool of themselves to salsa music. It was embarassing just bein white at that moment......
 Thanks for agreein that next time we'll eat at Ruggles so we can make fun of people during our meal.....
 Thanks for sometimes evaporating and becoming my best ghost friend.....
 Thanks for accidentally photobombing while you instinctively try to fix my hair......
 And thanks for squeezin off a little smidge of your ghost powers for me.....
I love ya Buddy!