Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day around here

Gotta do the Mother's Day recap, no gettin out of that!

 Ava made me a sweet little candy pouch at school. Bummer that the candy never made it to my mouth. Ava claims "it was an accident".
 Still love her :)

 Yeah, that's me. And quite accurate, I am categorized in the "Apple" body type. 
 Sarah was stoked to finally give me her gifts. I made her wait since Friday so we could do a proper Mother's day. My brood is so loose and informal, we often don't really honor or celebrate events or holidays like everybody else. I don't know why exactly, we're just total slackers about things. I'm really hopin and tryin to be more "present" in those special little days and opportunities to make a big deal about each other.

And where's the boy, you ask?
Well, he's off bein a three year old, scratchin his boy butt somewhere ;) He'll get with it when he's older ;)
It was a good little moment, it really touched my heart the way my girl's were so happy to bless me.
A beautiful moment, indeed.

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  1. Amen... Unfortunately it will stop at school in like the 4/5th grade. But you will ALWAYS be a mother. Happy mothers day sis