Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, Same me

So it's obviously New Years Eve and I should talk about some resolutions. I should talk about my shortcomings and ponder on the last year's numerous highs and lows. I should share some resolutions and goals. But I'm tired and frankly, I just haven't given it any thought. I'm a sanguine (borderline phlegmatic) and   even as the whole world is abuzz with New Year's hope and anticipation I am unmoved. Not that I don't find value in goals or resolutions, I just haven't got one at the moment......
So here's a highlight from yesterday out at my granny's house. She's become quite a regular here on the blog, much to her chagrin. 

 She had told me she got another car. She didn't tell me it was 1949 Plymouth Voyager.
 She was out lookin for a yard sale, saw this beauty parked on the side of the road and stopped to admire.
Went home and slept on it but the next mornin when she woke up thinkin about it she just knew :)

 Beautiful car. Beautiful lady. 

Check out the horn on this relic! 
 Probably the highlight of our trip was right at this moment.......

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back in town

Back home in my town, trollin my old familiar places. My buddy got to hang with me all morning which was a nice little treat. Went to two of the regulars, one new Goodwill Select that manifested while we were away and I took Delena to an antique store I kinda dig on the "strip". 

 My buddy's cheaper than the old timers in my family who still wear overalls over a pressed button down to a fancy event. Anything over $2 is "ridiculous" so she can only be my part time runnin buddy. 
 Ava insisted I take her picture by the boots. Gladly obliged that little cutie.

 I got freckles so I appreciated this doll havin some of her own sprinkles. Never see that, made me glad.

 Found this wonderful, wonderful lamp at that new Goodwill. Sweet as can be :)
 Yeah, I don't have an answer for this one. Sometimes, things just happen and you go with it. Maybe I envision my son all grown up as this. Maybe his daddy would have a lot different to say.
 Got a few books on the cheap. This one is a compilation of family stories and songs by Margo Thomas. Good sweet stuff that we'll be readin in our bedtime routine.
In one story the young protagonist shares a room with her older sister, accidentally damages her beloved David Lee Roth poster, tries to cover it up, and dreams of a new family where she's an only child to rich celebrity parents who hobnob with Lionel Richie. 
We can all relate.

I love this poem about how people's "problems" with others really begin in their own mind. In a nutshell, intolerance stems from ignorance. Good stuff for these little ones to lean into.
 Some pretty forward illustrations. 
Early 80's I love your flair. It made me who I am today.
Appearances by Cher and Kris Kristofferson..... 

Back in my neck of the woods. Still smilin.......

Friday, December 28, 2012

Settling in

So, I know everyone's Christmased out and so am I to be honest. I was gonna do a recap but you can't beat a dead horse. Well, you can but you know.........
 Livin in our own house is still SURREAL. I caught myself turning the t.v. down so as not to disturb the neighbors the other night. When it slapped me that I didn't have to, I turned that sucker up to the 50's with a big foxy grin.
Epic moment. I've never let it go past the 30's. 
Feels like a vice has been released off of us. For the first time since I stepped outta childhood I don't have to "consider" another person in my day to day livin. I don't have to worry about volume control. I don't have to fret over an apartment neighbor catchin a glimpse of my naked hiny comin outta my bathroom.  I can let my kids play outside and not worry about some pervy Chester Molester lurking around the complex. I have enough kitchen drawers. I have more than enough counter space to actually enjoy cooking. I have more than one bathroom. I have enough bedrooms for Pete's sake!
 Delena's pretty much been a staple around here. She's a good buddy. I know she shares in my joy.
 It's still a BIG mess and the kids aint helpin much.
But it's MY mess. And I'm happy to own it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moving day Recap!

Here we go... a super quick update while the internet is still bein my friend... totally skeezin off a neighbor's signal while we wait for the tech guy over at the internet hub to push the button for our connection (yeah, pretty sure that's how it goes down) 
This was the day in a nutshell last Friday when we skedaddled up outta my parent's house and blew 90 mph to our HOME.
Man, that feels good sayin that.
 Every minute was a celebration. Payed for all of it later in my wimpy ol' body.
 Flyest movin crew EVA.

 Dude, we danced so much. No music or anything.
 Just the sweet sound of freedom.....

 Chillin, pizza, wood paneling. 

Ummm, this was when Delena gave birth to Emli through her stomach. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


So there was a little meetin today with some interesting folks. There was some trepidation. A little excitement. A lot of John Hancocks. A few cups of coffee.
And a key.

 Felt like half this year we been performing circus tricks for that little ol' key.

And now it's ours.
Be seein you in my HOME, friends.
Thank you to all who cheered us on and offered encouragement when the well
was so dry.