Friday, December 28, 2012

Settling in

So, I know everyone's Christmased out and so am I to be honest. I was gonna do a recap but you can't beat a dead horse. Well, you can but you know.........
 Livin in our own house is still SURREAL. I caught myself turning the t.v. down so as not to disturb the neighbors the other night. When it slapped me that I didn't have to, I turned that sucker up to the 50's with a big foxy grin.
Epic moment. I've never let it go past the 30's. 
Feels like a vice has been released off of us. For the first time since I stepped outta childhood I don't have to "consider" another person in my day to day livin. I don't have to worry about volume control. I don't have to fret over an apartment neighbor catchin a glimpse of my naked hiny comin outta my bathroom.  I can let my kids play outside and not worry about some pervy Chester Molester lurking around the complex. I have enough kitchen drawers. I have more than enough counter space to actually enjoy cooking. I have more than one bathroom. I have enough bedrooms for Pete's sake!
 Delena's pretty much been a staple around here. She's a good buddy. I know she shares in my joy.
 It's still a BIG mess and the kids aint helpin much.
But it's MY mess. And I'm happy to own it.