Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet gatherin

Every year my mother has a Big Cookie Bake-off. The price of admission is a 25 pound sack of flour and a dozen eggs ;)  Baking is not my thing, at all. No ma'am, not one bit. I hate the whole messy process. I just stick around for the laughs and to capture their day for em on film (er, card). You should see me skittering here and there all day, avoiding any one spot too long lest I get sucked into stirring, measuring or clumpin out dough. I'm sure they've caught on by now ;)

 This is Ashton, the only teen who comes every year. My dad told me that Ashton was sharing her life woes with him out on the porch. I asked him if he gave her any wise advice on how to deal with texting breakups? he he he....
 That'd be Ms. Barb (short for Barbara, of course) and Ms. Hazel. Miss Hazel sat on the porch and told me a few of her life woes while she smoked. 
I think me and my dad should've made a switch somewhere ;)

 I hear these were delicious. I just hear cuz they took em all!

 If Ms. Hazel saw me messin around them cookies she would've boxed my ears. She gets all over my Sarah bear every year at this same table.... We sure are makin memories :)
 Glad to see the gossip chair gettin some new miles on her. 

 These ladies are the bee's knees :) 
I have some heavy stuff on my heart this morning. I need to pop a tiny whole and let it come out slowly, though. Cookies are fun and all, but really I haven't been eatin on em. I hope this day is sunny and breezy and just the right temp for you guys. I hope that something sweet makes you smile today and you feel light in your heart. 
Be blessed.


  1. I realize there is more to this post than just cookies, but I absolutely love the inherently southern way you write. I'm a northern-born southerner and reading this really made me smile. : )

    1. Awww shucks ;) Thanks, Carrie. You're a sweetheart! Where'd you come from???