Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It happened again.
And really ya'll, I'm feelin sooo unworthy down here! Why are you guys SO AWESOME?!
It's kinda embarrassing and I worry that I'll look like a total bragger
but what can I do?
 Mason! You rock, brother.....
 My girls are even catchin on, when they saw this package Sarah said "Mommy got some toys!!"
I told them if they wanted to see them they had to chew the box open....
 But I only messed with em for a minute.
Partly because their little nubs weren't gettin it done and I wanted to see what was inside! ;)
 Gabe pulled out Cookie Monster and got first hugs!  That's ok.
 I was genuinely excited about this stuff, Mason. True uninhibited enthusiasm 
doesn't look too flattering.....

Double chins, wrinkles, crows feet.....
and don't forget eye bags! Ha ha!  But life's got a lot more interesting things to dwell on.....
 Like Playmobil!
And you know me and Ava LOVE some Playmobil <3

Mason, thank you. When I first checked you out from the comments over at the Geek's place I knew from the first reading that the Napolean force was strong with you. And I love your content over there, Mason. I like your Sunday Reflections, the way you talk straight to the reader like we're just shootin the breeze, your super enthusiasm over what you find at your D.I. (even though a "D.I." is completely foreign to a Texas gal) and the inclusion of your family always makes me feel like you've got your treasure priorities straight.
D.I. Treasures feels very much like my own home. We're keepin our spouses young, brother! ;)

And the fact that you just expanded my Applause brood,
well that makes me a friend for the long haul ;)

This is gonna sound a tiny bit strange, but my favorite item hands down because it made me smile a huge wrinkle inducing smile was this.....
I saw it on your blog here and it made me giggle.
It has been well placed where I keep a couple of very, very special pieces of art that were given to me by some extremely important and cherished folks. It's got a good home :)
And listen up. I do not flake when it comes to Christmas.
There will be some paying it forward so ya'll just get ready..... ;)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miss M, we love ya!

So first off, I just wanna say that Bloggers are some of the nicest, most creative, generous bunch of people you'll ever meet. There's something in these people that desire what many have no use for in our fast paced world of "get all you can, can all you get and sit on it". 
That is community. And friendships. You know, real connections to other folks.
They have taken the technology that usually alienates and isolates people with it's singular interaction
and use it to form their own little "villages".  I love the people in my community and they may not really connect with that truth because it sounds so contrived and cheesy and it's easy to just type anything out that makes you seem like a nice and genuine person when in fact, who really knows what any of us are actually like in real person, we could be total pervy weirdos with ill intentions (run-on sentence, I know!) I hope you're following, I haven't much regard to sentence structure when I'm steamin off like this......
What I'm tryin to spit out is this:
That you guys are appreciated, valued and are very much friends in my heart. I imagine you sittin at your computers, typin out what is in your head or heart while makin that scruchy face or pursed lip while you think on just how to word somethin. I imagine you stooped over the table perfecting the things you wanna shoot for your blog and I laugh a little about it because I can relate to that! Shooin the kids or the dogs and cats away so you can get that shot. Yeah, that one I imagine us all doin ;) And I imagine you scrollin through Google Images lookin for that perfectly ridiculous photo that you need to represent whatever weird and crazy topic that could come only from your mind (though often, it feels as though you stole it from mine). This blogging thing really is so electric. It's bringin out the kid in so many of us and I bet we're all gonna live a lil bit longer than the rest of em ;)
 And that should have and could easily be more than enough for one post. But it isn't even what I set out to say today! It's just the residue of what really is boilin in my heart at this moment (I feel like if I say heart one more time I will make myself sick but what's another word?!).  I came here to say somethin that needed to be said about another blogger. I came here to say THANK YOU, to Miss M. A genuine woman of exhortation who also happens to be a major toy lovin dork. Here's the definition of exhortation and you tell me, aint this the truth about this woman!
Exhortation: a speech or written passage intended to persuade, encourage or inspire.
 That woman sent me a box. And in that box were goodies!
 Some of them aren't here because they happen to be awesome and went right on my built-ins! But they will be making an appearance shortly......
 This Marty McFly is loved, loved, loved! 
BUT, there was one item in that box that conveyed the real level of love the gift was sent in.
 GASP! (I really did ya'll)
 Real, true vintage She-Ra merchandise. And just click here and see that I am not exaggerating when I say that for Miss M to send off somethin like this from her personal trove of treasures means that she is deeply generous woman. And when I read her last post, which was a transparent telling of her current rough patch I had to sit and reflect on some things.
She had sent me a treasure when her life was uncertain. In the midst of her own storm, she was concerning herself with sending me a ray of sunshine. She made mention of me bein an open book in that post and how it inspired her. Well, lady.... you've inspired me, as well! Generosity begets generosity :)
 And just because it won't set right if I don't, the day this package came was pretty bleak. I had a crushed spirit over some pretty nasty things my father had sent me in a letter. It was 6 pages long but I only skimmed two before tearin it up and tossin it. I didn't even open that box the first day it came. I didn't want to deny you the joy that you were hopin to inspire in us so I saved it. 
See, guys. We just have no idea about each other's "real" life sometimes. And never think that somethin kind you want to say or do for each other will be too small or insignificant. Even a small line of encouragement or affirmation is like water to a thirsty soul. So pour some out on each other. :) The internet can definitely be a dark, secret place where we go to project or take in some rotten stuff. But it can also be a place where we foster good things in each other and ourselves.
 In conclusion, Miss M you are dearly appreciated. Diary of a Dorkette is ringin that one note that some of us have been dyin to hear! And you make it so personal and real with us in your correspondence. You really are my friend :)
 And Sarah thinks you're pretty.
But I know she's not the only one ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kitschy, kitschy koo

Here's a compilation of kitsch that has trickled in over the last month. 
A kitschy collaboration of sorts.
You know, like a kitsch collection ;)


 Bear with me as I showcase all four sides of this amazing retro box of fireplace matches......

 This record's been gettin a lot of play. Gabe leads me in a dance every time it's on :)

 Here's the cup that was hidin under that silly rabbit....
 I don't feel like talkin much. 
But Miss M, you sweet beautiful creature, I am thinkin about ya....
And good things are comin your way, friend.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm:

Pretty sure we can abide by the corn rules........

You actually stuck around for that many photos?