Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It happened again.
And really ya'll, I'm feelin sooo unworthy down here! Why are you guys SO AWESOME?!
It's kinda embarrassing and I worry that I'll look like a total bragger
but what can I do?
 Mason! You rock, brother.....
 My girls are even catchin on, when they saw this package Sarah said "Mommy got some toys!!"
I told them if they wanted to see them they had to chew the box open....
 But I only messed with em for a minute.
Partly because their little nubs weren't gettin it done and I wanted to see what was inside! ;)
 Gabe pulled out Cookie Monster and got first hugs!  That's ok.
 I was genuinely excited about this stuff, Mason. True uninhibited enthusiasm 
doesn't look too flattering.....

Double chins, wrinkles, crows feet.....
and don't forget eye bags! Ha ha!  But life's got a lot more interesting things to dwell on.....
 Like Playmobil!
And you know me and Ava LOVE some Playmobil <3

Mason, thank you. When I first checked you out from the comments over at the Geek's place I knew from the first reading that the Napolean force was strong with you. And I love your content over there, Mason. I like your Sunday Reflections, the way you talk straight to the reader like we're just shootin the breeze, your super enthusiasm over what you find at your D.I. (even though a "D.I." is completely foreign to a Texas gal) and the inclusion of your family always makes me feel like you've got your treasure priorities straight.
D.I. Treasures feels very much like my own home. We're keepin our spouses young, brother! ;)

And the fact that you just expanded my Applause brood,
well that makes me a friend for the long haul ;)

This is gonna sound a tiny bit strange, but my favorite item hands down because it made me smile a huge wrinkle inducing smile was this.....
I saw it on your blog here and it made me giggle.
It has been well placed where I keep a couple of very, very special pieces of art that were given to me by some extremely important and cherished folks. It's got a good home :)
And listen up. I do not flake when it comes to Christmas.
There will be some paying it forward so ya'll just get ready..... ;)


  1. Ha! Love it! I actually had no idea you like Playmobil so much... good to know. Gooood to know...

    Mason's a pretty great guy, and he's a sharer!

    1. I've actually been puttin off a Playmobil post for a while.
      And don't you be gettin any ideas! I can't take another thing until I send some stuff out. It's only right, Geek. ;)
      And yes, Mason is a great guy. You can just feel that he's out to have fun and he's genuinely open to bein a friendly person. :)

  2. I love the sassy playmobil maid. I assume she's a Brit

  3. Mason is a ace Laura congrats on the goodies and Happy Halloween. : )

  4. Seeing Gonzo made me smile! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  5. This post made me smile and gave me warm fuzzies. :) I'm glad y'all liked the C Man. I love the picture of Gabe greeting him with a nice big hug, so cute! It just felt wrong to keep Cookie Monster from ya and he looks so happy next to The Count! And seeing Gonzo looking on from a distance totally makes me want to watch Muppets In Space! It's one of my Laura's favorite movies of all time!

    Originally I was just going to send Cookie Monster all by his lonesome, but there was all this extra space in the box, so I kept adding stuff. Why not, right? :D

    I'm so honored to see Bonilla on the Wall Of Art! This post really made my day, thank you so much sister! Your whole family is just so precious and awesome and I hope y'all enjoy these little tokens of my appreciation.