Friday, November 1, 2013


Ok, so you've probably noticed the lack of Halloween coverage over here.
So here's all I got.
 My church had a harvest festival for all the kids and parents in our community. I been knowin about it for a couple months and had a very blase attitude about it. I was kinda busy with my own projects and didn't want another weight. But one of my sweetest friends, who's made several blog appearances over the last year, lost her son to a car accident on Wednesday. I cried and prayed in the hours of first hearing and woke up thinkin of my sweet friend and her family who I adore. The next day I was convicted in how selfish I have been with gifts and talents that are only mine because God made them in me. I headed over to Walmart at noon, grabbed a few things without even knowin what I would make and headed home. As I was painting this owl, I literally dropped a few tears on it. I prayed for my friends and I asked God to forgive me for bein so selfish sometimes. And he did, as He always does.
 And then I put together a quick scarecrow outfit out of things I pretty much already wear....
 And got one shot of the gang minus Ava, who was the only one who had a real costume 
of a unicorn.
 The Harvest Festival ended up being one of the highlights of my year. I got there early to set up and had worked out a couple folks to help me run the games. When I arrived, the "toddler" section was pretty bleak with only two games.  I'm tellin ya, my participation was needed last night. It's easy to return to that same ol' way of thinkin that you really don't count. Last night was a heavy reminder to me that everything counts and we all have an important contribution. Every kid that came through won my heart and their little smiles just lit me up!

And above all that, that precious family was there last night. They pulled up when I did and I had to choke back some tears. I went to hug Miss Brenda and before I could even begin with condolences she told me, "We're just gonna paint faces tonight  and we're gonna love on those kids and that's what tonight is about. Someone's gonna meet Jesus." And I knew that nothin need be said after that.
They were all there last night serving. A family of now five, smiling, hugging, painting faces, just lovin on all the children. Every child takes a few minutes to get a painting and in those few minutes they hear some of the kindest most life giving words they probably hear all year. One of them was dressed as a Disney Princess and smiled all night, graciously taking pictures with little girls and mothers. You would never know from their outpouring of love that they were in the midst of such a tragic loss.
Some may think there is somethin wrong with people that can serve others through such a time. Some might think that they had every right to bow out.
But we are a different people, a peculiar people who live not by social "norms".  We believe when He said
"My grace is all you need. My power works best in your weakness."
My life is full with some of the best people this Earth has to offer. How can I not be grateful?


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    1. Remember last night when I started to talk to you but stopped and said my throat hurt? I was gonna say all this! But it wasn't the time or place, now was it? Love you, Ericka.

  2. I'm trying to think of something to say about this that would actually add something... and I can't. Beautiful, meaningful post.

    1. Words enough, Geek. Hope you had the best Halloween, that your mystery virus was abated and it was all that you had anticipated as you built it up so well!
      I miss your Goodwill hauls.... you know I live vicariously through you. ;)

  3. You should really take all the posts you make like this and put them in a book.

  4. A very meaningful and powerful post Laura.

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    1. I love you right back, Amanda. A whole, whole bunch sweet lady.

  6. This made me cry. ;_; My heart goes out to your friends! I cannot even imagine enduring such a lose! We will pray for them as well. You've done a great thing here Sister, keep up the good works!

    On a lighter note, I love your green monster puppet and in your group photo I have that same exact owl picture with the baby owl! I blogged about it here:

    1. Mason.... believe this.
      I have found 3 of these owl prints on wood in the last year and distributed them. I tell each girl "Now you're in my secret society" ;)
      And just recently I became acquainted with a new friend and the first time she came over she said "Hey! We have that same owl picture, I grew up with it!"
      It's cosmic, brother.....
      And the green puppet is obviously named "Oscar" though he's not an exact. He has a similar chip on his shoulder and loves to nibble on the hands of children who reach in his mouth for their hard earned candy prize. I mad him from a 2 liter bottle and some green fur layin around. I smell a DIY......
      Thanks for the kind words, I know you mean them. We put our hope in eternity, we know that what lies beyond is Paradise.

  7. I got a little choked up after reading this. I'm at a loss for words. Lovely post!