Monday, November 11, 2013

The rest of my birthday.... !!!

After spendin the better part of the morning loitering around the PPP tent (I probably should have been embarrassed for stayin that long, lol!) we headed over to my old favorite resale shop in New Braunfels.
I took my camera in to take a few pictures of it but I found myself just wanting to be in the moment of this day and not trying to "capture" it so much. 
I really wanted to be fully present with my guy,
 I cannot stress enough how much we needed this one on one time. 
After that we walked the main street where the town circle is and randomly picked a place to eat.....

 Look, I know that blogger's usually post photos of beautifully plated food
but that's not what happened at all.
Hey, it was my birthday! ;)
 We had about half an hour before we had to get on the rode so Jerome continued to amaze me 
with his patience. Of all that happened this day, the greatest buzz came from his gracious accommodation to all my requests. 

 All the years we lived out there I liked this wall. Of course, back then I was a much different 
creature than I am now and wouldn't have had the sense to take some photos of it. 
Plus, film and development was expensive ;)

And of course I had to take some cliche blogger pics, which Jerome continued 
to play along with.... He's turned into the most awesome guy, lately! 

 You shoulda seen me directing my poor husband in takin pictures for me.... he he ;)
What a trooper....
 Made him sit here cuz I thought he favored this guy.....
No wiener schnitzel jokes, please.....

And that was my day.


  1. what a rad wall! I want one in my town! a blogger, I am unable to take food pics. They always come off super awkward. Or else, I remember to take a picture after I am done eating

    1. Totally not my "niche" either, as you can see from the menu choice and the half eaten slop I did capture. But I was very open about this in my first post. I'm upfront about my weaknesses ;)
      New Braunfels is a German town, it's full of walls like that :)

  2. You two are ridiculously cute together too. I mean to an almost sickening (but still endearing) degree.

    1. You know how they say that the older they get, pet owners start to look like their pets?...... ;)
      We're totally growin on each other that's for sure.
      People don't stick around long enough to get to the center of the tootsie pop. Marriage needs a little aging before it gets real good. I know you're singin the same song, Geek. :)

    2. Absolutely my dear. Absolutely. I know I really only "kind of" know you online, but I feel like we know each other way better... and when I see you and Jerome together, or you and your kids, happy and playing (or even upset getting lectured...) it makes me feel happy, and in a weird way proud. Does that make sense? I know you guys have to work hard for what you have, including your relationship. And I am proud to see people that I like so much working so hard for the GOOD stuff. And some days... the good days... it doesn't feel like work at all. And that's how we know it's the right work to be doing.

    3. Totally get this.
      And we do know each other. This place is really us, it's us in a nutshell. I think we "know" each other because we're cut from the same cloth, we're family people who just want to live an honest day and make those around us content, secure and happy. We're the kind of people who really don't want anything from anyone else but would love to share a laugh with them. And that bein said, we don't toot our own horn ;)
      You and yours are our friends, too. We don't have to make sense of it. It just is.

  3. Me and my wife try and take little day trips like this for food,shopping and fun and those are the days i treasure the most with her.

    1. I'm jealous!! Sounds like a regular thing with ya'll, must be nice ;) We're still refreshed and relaxed over just that one day. Amazing what little we needed to fill our reserves!