Saturday, November 2, 2013

Playmobil score

A couple weeks ago I found Gabe's Christmas present at a children's consignment 
 that was clearing out everything at 50% off. The box may look like crap,
but I don't have to tell you guys that it doesn't do one thing to devalue the inner treasure ;)
The shopkeeper assured me that all pieces were accounted for because her daughter built and dismantled it religiously in the store. Bet she was sad to see it missing :(
I took a quick peek in the box but just long enough to see several figures and a few 
glossy pullouts of instructions and such. I really kinda want to be just as surprised as Gabe on Christmas morning. Then I took a quick peek on ebay and felt pretty smug about this purchase.You know we all do it! ;)

And Mason, this post is totally dedicated to you, brother. 
It was in one of your first few posts that I saw your affection for these tiny androgynous men 
and I knew you were solid ;)
Until recently I had only a troop of dudes. But after receiving a lady Playmobil (who appears to be a bit Amish-y) and makin a few trades with my 8 year old niece for a lady (vet?), I have a couple of hens. But who knows with Playmobil, the vet could be a guy.......
And don't worry about my niece, she's not a pushover so don't think I'm takin advantage of her. She makes me fork over some pretty good stuff. She thinks she's gettin my old Bambi figure, keeps uppin the ante on her offers ;)
And with the introduction of the female species in any group,
the menfolk start showin off.

Hope everyone's havin a great weekend. Today we had the absolute best weather of the whole 
year down in Texas :)


  1. Ivory is still expecting Bambi ;)

  2. You've got some mighty fine "Klickys" there Sister! You can tell they are true vintage figures because they don't have articulation in the wrist. And I love how the boys are all showing off to the new girls, LOL! It looks like my little Downton Abbey English maid is fitting right in. :)

    That castle is just plain awesome! Gabe is one lucky kid! I have really learned to love Playmobil and it was post number 2 that I featured my little green Playmobil guy, complete with a sweet cabbie hat! I'm thinking of making him the official mascot of D.I. Treasures. I still don't know his exact origins though. Was he part of a set or was he sold as a single figure originally? What does he do for a living? All I know is he has articulation in his wrist, so he is most likely an 80s man. I hope to one day discover his secret past.

    Thanks for sharing your little Playmobil crew with us! Can't wait to see Gabe's face as he rips open his present on Christmas day!

  3. what a score! i had a play mobil ranch set when i was a kid that i LOVED!!!! it had a little jeep with horse trailer and fences and baby horses and dogs and everything! my mom bought it for me at the church yard sale!

    1. Ava has a princess and UNICORN playmobil set! This ranch set sounds amazing, Rae...... and gotta love the church yard sale! Soooo cheap.

  4. Looks like you got a great deal! Ebay always has inflated prices for to buy at consignment or thrift shops. That's where you can find the best stuff!

    1. I have rarely bought anything from ebay. It makes me too emotional! I take the bidding so personal like someone's bein a meanie and tryin to get my stuff out of spite. It's totally irrational, I know. So it's best I don't even go there..... ;)

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    1. FYI, I finally figured out the origins of the Victorian Playmobil figure! She's a nanny from set 5502 Nanny, Child, and Cart. It's kinda rare, and I picked her up free at a garage sale a few years back. :)

    2. This followup comment drew my attention to the fact that I never even read and responded to all the original ones above! So unlike me!!! I mean, what's the point of blogging to connect and it being so one sided?? So sorry, maybe I was havin a busy week, so busy that I can't even recall what was goin on ;)
      But thanks, Mason, for being so diligent! I'm just a visual gal, but you are mature and like to be educated on your toys ;) It's cool to know her origins, and I really do appreciate her. Hit up an estate sale and have added to ya'll Christmas loot.... I love Christmas!