Thursday, January 31, 2013

A long awaited thrift haul

On Tuesday of this week I browsed through my favorite shop here in town, Katy Christian Ministries Resale. There's actually two locations.  The smaller one is actually right down my street, about the time it takes to brush ones hair if they were inclined to brush it. Anyone who knows me well (about 3 lucky people) know  that I do not run a bristle through my mane and it may not be an analogy I am familiar with.
What I'm tryin to say is, it may take a little longer to get there ;)
 S & P shakers still together at a resale shop is kinda rare, I find. Usually there's only one sad shaker. Lucked out on this set.
Retro wastebasket for our kid's tacky bathroom. Perfect fit.
 This is just grand. I hate that they write on stuff with a sharpie, though. I just can't understand who's back there doin that? I know one thing. They have no appreciation for vintage wares, that's for sure.
 This here is a palm full of stuff that's sure to make any husband or significant other shake their head in dismay. You gals know what I'm talkin about.The googly eyed bear's got me thinkin about you, Rae ;)
Or Eartha's kitschy "fringe" society, he he.....
 Guess, I've become a vintage koala collector. Funny how collections just creep up on you when you weren't even plannin on em.

 Really sad to admit this, but I don't even know what this is. It was in a box, it was $3 and I figured my momma would need it (?) Anybody got a clue? I haven't even googled it yet, bet I'd find out quick.
 My cousin Lisa is in the Picker huddle with me and granny. So I carry her in my thoughts while I'm out and she does me. It's neat to have more "eyes" out on the scene. If you haven't got a picker partner, get one. And don't get one who likes the same genre or you might just get your feathers in a ruffle ;) Lisa loves her some Beatles so this is for her.

 This 1960's clothes hamper is just the most beautiful deep blue! We needed a hamper for our room and it's so nice to find a quality vintage one rather than buying a new plastic one.
 Look at that lil star :)
 Okay, this was a dollar. I'm pullin the bird out and burnin the rest. After I sprinkle holy water on it...  ;)

 VHS is 4 for a dollar. You can't even buy gum for 25 cents, anymore.
 Always pickin up cannin jars and lids for mom. She makes a mean muscadine jelly. But I steer clear of that nasty Chow Chow. You either love it or hate it.
 $2 for a 71' Mattel  Jack-in-the-box.
 Capturing his first Jack-in-the-box surprise face on film?

 And I always save the best for last.
 The greatest thing since oxygen, this here hand-stitched Yellow Submarine lookin hippo.
And for $1, folks.
That means 4 quarters, less than a cup of gas station coffee. Can't believe it.....
 What a work of art. What a labor of love this must've been! I told my buddy that it looks like somethin made for a grandbaby but after all that hard work it was decided that this masterpiece would be better kept out of sticky baby's hands. It's in great condition.
 It is ridiculous to model with toys and such. But it's ridiculous to model with cars, appliances, lotions and beer and that aint stoppin em. Have a blessed day, you guys :)
Hope it's sunny wherever you are.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My girl's room

I wanna write a sweet little intro about my daughter's room but my son wants me to play with him. So, I'll just upload the pics and then go wrestle that little Batman wannabe ;)
 This room is a continual work in progress.  I just got the sweetest deal on a dollhouse bedframe/bookshelf thing. Well, I don't know how else to describe it! You'll see.....
 Me and my buddy Delena both have the same response to their room. Every time we go in, we linger a lil too long, lay in the bed and say somethin like "You know, this is really my room" :) When she first ever saw it she said "This room isn't for them. You made yourself another room." Well, maybe I did.

 When I run and skip with my buddy Delena, we hold hands up in the air, too. Makes skipping more challenging for sure, but it's the only way to go ;)
 Here's a free tip. When you can no longer fit or wear one of your favorite shirts or sweaters(jumper) just cut out the awesome part that made you love it and frame it for your home. Both of these were too precious to let go of. The porcupine is knitted and the cat is patchwork.

 My sweet niece, Emli drew this for Ava. It will always be apart of our home. Love you, Emli :)
 I'm trainin my kids to have clown tolerance. Growin em up right ;)

 This is the best thing about this room. Both of these were mine when I was little. My oldest Sarah took a likin to them without me pushin them on her. Just naturally started sleepin with them and that makes me feel all kinds of good. The little 80's tracksuit guy is Zoomer and the other guy is Maurice.

 Ha! Awkward kiss on film. Gotta love it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cowboy Mike

I know, I haven't really been around here much, lately. I just got a lot of things goin on, good things. I am so happily busy makin our home and preparin for some pretty special opportunities comin up that I don't take the time to blog out the days. Plus my blog was plumb deleted for a little bit! I guess they got my inquiry at their lil "help" forum because here it is today, same as it ever was.
Well, this lil corner of town is turnin out to be a real gem. Behind the doors of these quaint, older homes live some pretty interestin folks. And they are makin it their civic duty to come by and meet us. I can tell they're feelin us out, makin sure we're not gonna downgrade the block but I welcome that. I respect people who hold love and ownership of their dwelling space. And since I'm just a regular gal with genuine love for them, I welcome their visits.
Here's one guy I am just thrilled beyond measure to share space with.
 This here is Cowboy Mike. 
 I seen him the other day rollin down the street and stopped to stare and wonder. You know I was happy as a lark when he rolled up to my yard yesterday :)
 I asked him plain out "Why do you ride this bike around, Mike?" He has some pretty impaired speech, but if you'll just listen to folks with open ears and open heart you'd be surprised at how much you'll understand.
 He told me he rides around to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Hence the Sheriff sign.
He also told me that if anyone falls off their bike and skins their knee he helps them out. He pulled a medicine dropper from his pocket and demonstrated how he does it. I put out my knee and he blew air on it from that medicine dropper. He kinda leaned in and told me quietly that it's not real. So I said "Oh, it's just more like a mental thing, right?" To which, he happily nodded. ;)
 You know, coincidentally, when I was a little girl we had a "bicycle man" on our block, too. He was a much different breed. The kind my parents forbid us to go over to. No matter how tempting that perrenial jack-o-lantern bowl of candy he kept on him was.  No, Mike is just a sweet soul with a childhood dream that never layed down to rest. I thank God for people like Mike. I wanna stay a person like Mike.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Built-in fun

How bout we just continue with a little more house showin?
Yes, let's just do a little more......
 This little section with the built-ins represents more space than I've ever had to display or set things out. Can't help feelin a lil smug as the man of the house has to concede to the fact that "No, I don't have too much stuff. We've just always had too little space!" ;)
 I like to think of those pugs as part of a broken family. Dad left mom and of course, the boy wanted be with his daddy so he took sides and headed out to Nashville. Mom and sis and are doin alright. Better days ahead....

 Absolute favorite vintage find that TRUMPS all other finds is an old puppet.
Handmade, factory made, fallen apart or mint condition. I will buy any old puppet that I have the money and the means to.  Puppetry is one of my callings in life. Glad it's somethin  fun :)

 I been callin this old lady, Helen. I would have loved to have been able to know and spend time with the person who made these. The estate sale runners had no background info (?)  but I could tell it was an amazing couple. Anyone who crafts puppets is amazing in my book :)
 Granny gave me this tramp. I love how "tramp" used to mean vagabond or hobo but totally means loose lady, nowadays. Wait, do folks still say "loose" anymore? 

 There's still perfume in this old Avon bottle. Good lord, it stinks! I love that bottle forever, though. 

The whale is a cigar tray that boasts "Whale of a Guy" on the front. And the owl was sittin on Herb Henekee's porch for 25 years before he sold it to me for beans. Talked to Herb last week, we'll definitely be keepin in touch. Well, his last words  were "You keep in touch, Laura" so that's just what I'll do :)