Thursday, January 31, 2013

A long awaited thrift haul

On Tuesday of this week I browsed through my favorite shop here in town, Katy Christian Ministries Resale. There's actually two locations.  The smaller one is actually right down my street, about the time it takes to brush ones hair if they were inclined to brush it. Anyone who knows me well (about 3 lucky people) know  that I do not run a bristle through my mane and it may not be an analogy I am familiar with.
What I'm tryin to say is, it may take a little longer to get there ;)
 S & P shakers still together at a resale shop is kinda rare, I find. Usually there's only one sad shaker. Lucked out on this set.
Retro wastebasket for our kid's tacky bathroom. Perfect fit.
 This is just grand. I hate that they write on stuff with a sharpie, though. I just can't understand who's back there doin that? I know one thing. They have no appreciation for vintage wares, that's for sure.
 This here is a palm full of stuff that's sure to make any husband or significant other shake their head in dismay. You gals know what I'm talkin about.The googly eyed bear's got me thinkin about you, Rae ;)
Or Eartha's kitschy "fringe" society, he he.....
 Guess, I've become a vintage koala collector. Funny how collections just creep up on you when you weren't even plannin on em.

 Really sad to admit this, but I don't even know what this is. It was in a box, it was $3 and I figured my momma would need it (?) Anybody got a clue? I haven't even googled it yet, bet I'd find out quick.
 My cousin Lisa is in the Picker huddle with me and granny. So I carry her in my thoughts while I'm out and she does me. It's neat to have more "eyes" out on the scene. If you haven't got a picker partner, get one. And don't get one who likes the same genre or you might just get your feathers in a ruffle ;) Lisa loves her some Beatles so this is for her.

 This 1960's clothes hamper is just the most beautiful deep blue! We needed a hamper for our room and it's so nice to find a quality vintage one rather than buying a new plastic one.
 Look at that lil star :)
 Okay, this was a dollar. I'm pullin the bird out and burnin the rest. After I sprinkle holy water on it...  ;)

 VHS is 4 for a dollar. You can't even buy gum for 25 cents, anymore.
 Always pickin up cannin jars and lids for mom. She makes a mean muscadine jelly. But I steer clear of that nasty Chow Chow. You either love it or hate it.
 $2 for a 71' Mattel  Jack-in-the-box.
 Capturing his first Jack-in-the-box surprise face on film?

 And I always save the best for last.
 The greatest thing since oxygen, this here hand-stitched Yellow Submarine lookin hippo.
And for $1, folks.
That means 4 quarters, less than a cup of gas station coffee. Can't believe it.....
 What a work of art. What a labor of love this must've been! I told my buddy that it looks like somethin made for a grandbaby but after all that hard work it was decided that this masterpiece would be better kept out of sticky baby's hands. It's in great condition.
 It is ridiculous to model with toys and such. But it's ridiculous to model with cars, appliances, lotions and beer and that aint stoppin em. Have a blessed day, you guys :)
Hope it's sunny wherever you are.


  1. OMIGOD! Mac and Me! Jack in the box! Weird Voodoo bird with human baby legs! You have a good eye, miss! I think I need a picking partner. I am not an ace picker, but love a good deal or good find.

    1. I love your EXCITEMENT! Especially over Mac and Me :) I swooned a lil when I saw it in your movie list last week, me and my sis are made up of 46% Mac and Me, 44% Ninja Turtles and a sprinklin of Fuzzbucket (remember that one?) We actually pirated my neighbor's Netflix online last year so we could watch it, he he... Put a shout out on your blog. "Wanted: honest, diligent picker partner in the Nashville area". Betcha get one real quick, Kimmie :)

  2. oh man that bird in the shell! i hope you have already pulled the bird out, that thing looks like it could have an evil spell on it or something.
    i love that googley eyed bear, you are right! i'm a sucker for a handful of tiny weird knick knacks. also, that hamper is such a good find! I never see them in good shape, the wicker is usually banged up somewhere. that little star makes it perfect.

    1. I think Kimmie has her eye on the voodoo bird shell, so I may not dismantle it. What a wierdie, right? (says the woman who bought it)

  3. girl you racked up!!!!!! I love those kinds of treasure hunts!!

    1. Hey, Brooke! I smiled to see you came by ;) Everything was just a buck or two (except hamper, a well spent $6) I am finding that the less I go out exploring for cheap treasures, the better the haul seems.

  4. Keep the bird in the shell. Its a price of art. If sailor moon is alright so are baby appendages. Good job on finding the replacement jack in the box... P.s. Im coming to visit that hamper:-D

  5. "Hey... I know... let's glue some baby limbs to this shell! Then sit a bird in it! ART!!!"

    I think that thing is colluding with the jack-in-the-box and they're just up to no good.

  6. Oh! And we had that EXACT hamper (except I think ours was some sort of yellow-y green. It takes me back a million years!

    1. The hamper has ended up a curse and not a blessing. I spend every day protecting it's fragile wicker body from the destruction of my children.... I know it's lasted beautifully for the last 4 decades and I will be darned if we are the ones to destroy it!
      the bird was pulled from the shell and now sits in my kids bathroom. The shell lives in the backyard as a cacti planter. And the baby appendages? I can't recall....