Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home slice

If you aint heard from me, it might just be that I'm consumed (and lovin it) with makin my home. Here's just  a little tiny slice. 
Welcome in......

 Just a hodge podge of bric a brac, knick knacks and miscellaneous goodies.
Say that 3 times fast. Or even slow.

 My granny found these two for me. It's a bonus in life to have someone carryin you in their hearts as they're out on the circuit. I carry a few folks, too. I know they appreciate it. It's more blessed to give than receive, that simply means it feels better givin stuff than gettin stuff ;)

 I was wobblin on a chair so I couldn't get a good shot on these.
 Bendy jester guy. One of my favorite little things. $2 estate sale treasure....
 This Kokeshi doll in the middle has the original wood for the belly. I love that the artist left that chunk in it's natural state, never seen another one like it. See the lil baby on her hip?
 I got this at a yard sale last year and always feel like I have tell people he's not smokin weed. I even had a tootsie roll wrapper there when a certain guest was comin by just so I wouldn't have to explain that elderly Phillipino men would most likely roll their own cigarettes.  One of my kids scratched it up pretty bad. That was a bum thing to do, right? I guess kids just don't know art from doodlie.
More to come later. I'm so happy here, you guys :)


  1. it looks great! just the kind of house i like, where i can peek at all their treasures and really see what they are like. do you follow the vintage by crystal blog? I could spend hours looking through her archieves for pictures of her house. she has SO MUCH COOL STUFF!

    1. Just checked out her blog. She makes the coolest little guys!! Man, I want to make beautiful things like that.... googling "spun cotton"....

  2. Thanks, Rae! I post so much, not out of vanity, but out of knowin what I like to look at and just tryin to give back. Never heard of that blog, but I'm gonna get on it now... I have spent hours in your archives just lookin at every detail, not ashamed to tell it ;)

  3. Its nice seeing it all come together. Keep it up sis

  4. You have been really feathering your nest! Wow! Everything looks so great. I'm so happy for y'all in your new home.