Saturday, November 16, 2013

Her Adventure With/out Me!!!!!

Hi Boo Bobby buddies, this is Laura's BF Delena (admittingly self-proclaimed)!  I recently went to Port LaVaca, TX to allow my mom to visit her brother who lives there and while in town i drove myself around exploring all of their little shops; like this one...

Quaint lil over priced antique tackle shop of sorts

         And this one with the sweet little name.  To think I believed that WordArt was a thing of the present :)

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE  was overpriced except for ONE place!  Ya know how there's always at least that one which kinda sneaks up on ya?  Well this one particular antique store came out of nowhere.... literally!  Driving back to my uncle's house after pier siting and drove by a treasure trove.  I promise i wasn't going to stop after all of my earlier disappointment but i did a quick U-turn after thinking WWLD? That's right; WHAT WOULD LAURA DO?!  Here's a quick look and sorry i cant take pics like her.

Plenty of non-antique miscellaneous 
The lady had so much that i couldn't even see it all and i only had $20, but i did have Laura on the phone almost the entire time as if she were there to share my excitement.  Here are a few items I was almost sure I'd die if i didn't have em...
the book ends
old Avon cologne bottle- $3 but not for me
Just a green owl- MINE

The clock i need

These sad little wall hangings

Of course i thought of my sis, Laura:


Now all clowning around aside, my most prized possessions

That's right!  Comic strip umbrella!

To wrap up... Here's some stuff  I know she'll appreciate me posting:

My uncle's hands, a beautiful church, and a Red caught pier fishing...

The End
Thanks for letting me share!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The rest of my birthday.... !!!

After spendin the better part of the morning loitering around the PPP tent (I probably should have been embarrassed for stayin that long, lol!) we headed over to my old favorite resale shop in New Braunfels.
I took my camera in to take a few pictures of it but I found myself just wanting to be in the moment of this day and not trying to "capture" it so much. 
I really wanted to be fully present with my guy,
 I cannot stress enough how much we needed this one on one time. 
After that we walked the main street where the town circle is and randomly picked a place to eat.....

 Look, I know that blogger's usually post photos of beautifully plated food
but that's not what happened at all.
Hey, it was my birthday! ;)
 We had about half an hour before we had to get on the rode so Jerome continued to amaze me 
with his patience. Of all that happened this day, the greatest buzz came from his gracious accommodation to all my requests. 

 All the years we lived out there I liked this wall. Of course, back then I was a much different 
creature than I am now and wouldn't have had the sense to take some photos of it. 
Plus, film and development was expensive ;)

And of course I had to take some cliche blogger pics, which Jerome continued 
to play along with.... He's turned into the most awesome guy, lately! 

 You shoulda seen me directing my poor husband in takin pictures for me.... he he ;)
What a trooper....
 Made him sit here cuz I thought he favored this guy.....
No wiener schnitzel jokes, please.....

And that was my day.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthdays= No Kids (though we love em)

Thanks for all the well wishes and really, really kind words yesterday! 
Truly, I thank you :)
Me and my guy got to do something mythical in the realm of parenthood. We got to take a whole day trip alone for my birthday!! No, we're not those people who celebrate 
themselves like there's no tomorrow but after the last year we've had it was just time for a breather.
And birthdays are the one day you can get away with ridiculous requests.....
 Mine was to make the two hour trek to New Braunfels to
meet a super amazing woman I have admired for a couple years now. She runs, designs and hand makes upcycled clothing for her brand Poor Pitiful Pearl and I'm serious. This stuff  has only ever existed in my head. Basically, she's a superwoman of the home business and the lady's got mad skills.

Oh yeah, she's gorgeous to boot.
Really. Who else can rock a fanny pack and still be such a hottie? And why did I dress like
Morticia Adams/Pearl Jam to meet her???  Lordy...... ;)
Shauna, it was a complete pleasure makin your acquaintance. Your spirit is electric, five minutes of conversation with you did more for my energy than a pot of coffee would. 
You're a life speaker, Shauna Hursh. You reflect Jesus.

And I kinda hung out longer than I intended, it was just way too comfortable there under your tent.
The picture of the unnaturally gorgeous women embracing had absolutely nothin to do with me.
But isn't it interesting? ;)
And God how this man loves me! He was so patient and just hung around with all the chick stuff 
flyin around. He even held a baby for someone and if that baby didn't fall in love with Jerome....
I have a feeling it was mutual ;)

So thanks, Jerome for bein the man that God knows I need. I cannot imagine a life without you....
And thank you, Shauna for makin the world's raddest clothes and givin every ounce of credit to the Maker who made your talents, skills, heart and soul.
And thanks for inspiring me to start makin my own breed of "art" again. 
Life tends to help us forget about the non-essentials. 
We need more electric folks like you around :)

Click here and check out Shauna's site !!
And not because this is any kind of sponsored post or anything, c'mon I have 23 followers ;)
But just because it's awesome.