Friday, November 30, 2012

Overthinkin and a locust shell

Fall sets in around here about the time others in the country are gettin snow. Just passin the days away, not really knowin when this time here at my parents will be over. They say wherever you are, BE there. 
Well, I just kinda feel like hibernating through this season of life. Sounds pretty selfish, I know. Believe me, I have constant inner dialogue with and about myself. I've been called an "overthinker" a few times, merited for sure.

Get used to no "me" time once you have little ones.  But it's okay.

You get to do stupid stuff to your kids while no one's around. Not anything abusive just enough to give you the giggles. Keeps your heart young. 
Can't believe my son's such a bug weenie. So's his dad ;)
Smart girl. Get a weapon.

I'm missin my best buddy today. I'm missin my alone time with my husband. I'm missin the freedom to walk around buck nekid in my own house. Not that I ever did, but I'm missin the option to. 
I hope all 5 people who read this are doin well today, I hope your life is fullfilling and sweet or it's just about to be. And remember guys, if the problems in other people's lives are overshadowing the joy you feel in livin your own, then maybe you're investing in the wrong pot. 
Peace, peace and peace.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waitin on my Christmas

Been doin a little decorating around my parent's house, lately. Well, obviously I was just takin pictures of the ones doin the work. Important work in itself though, right?

 I so wanted to decorate our own little house. Mark my words, I'm getting a full month's worth of Christmas ambiance once we do get in that house. Even if we have to get rowdy with it all the way through February, we're doin Christmas right.
 I did keep a few boxes of my most treasured ornaments here with me. Is it irrational to think our storage unit might get broken into and they would get stolen? Or a massive fire could destroy them? Or by some clerical bookkeeping error our storage unit could be mislabeled abandoned and they be auctioned off????  Well anyhow, they are here safe with me.....whew.

Seclusion brings out the Olsen twin in me. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My new little friend

I have purposefully not talked about "our" house because I have enough sense to know that listening to the same old spiel about delays, lying mortgage brokers, AAA-holes and delayed dreams can be a drag. But one quick update: We've supplied and met all the conditions for the underwriter and we could be home by next weekend......can you hear me squelching air? ..........gasp!  Okay, so I'm a lil deflated, gotta go into emotionless void mode till this baby drops. In the meantime I'll just keep huntin treasures........

TA DA!!!
 He's a foot tall and pretty proud of it. I had never seen one so large and quickly found after a little google that he was made for displays in stores, not really for sale. So he's like an extra special promo! Love him even more <3  I love Annallee dolls, we buy at least one a year at Marshall's or Ross. The story behind this company is pretty inspiring to me since I have a similar desire to make toys and dolls. It has a pretty sad ending though, but I digress.....
 Look at that mug <3
made in 1971.... I got him for 4$
Yeah, he's a keeper. Hope he lasts another 40 years :)

Monday, November 26, 2012


When we first moved in over here at my parents house mid September we were sure it was for just a couple of weeks. Well, here we are over 2 months later and it feels like a lot of things have changed. I used to feel connected to my town where we lived and now I feel like I could move anywhere without a problem. The people that I had gotten to know over the past 8 years? Not really feeling close at all.  I find myself detached from everything "back home" right now. Weird how just a couple of months can do that..... I wonder how much that we feel is so important in our lives is really just routines and patterns, not really heart.... I'm a natural introvert so getting out of the routine of regular interaction with other's snowballs pretty fast into major seclusion.....And I kinda like it. It's quiet.

Not so good finds but great company

The trips to the resale shops this weekend with granny were a complete bust. I think those Black Friday zombies must have ran out of 8$ vacuums and 5$ sweater sets and mindlessly picked the shops clean. We both knew before we headed out in the late afternoon that we were merely just humoring each other.........

Knock-off Pound Puppy remote control holder. Classy.
  I picked up one of these candle holders at her Goodwill and a really cool wooden Christmas music box. She said I could pick through some of her Christmas stuff for our new house and I found the matching candle holder and inside the wooden jack-in-the-box that was missing from my music box! I had "picked" up where she had left off <3 We share a brain.

 And the thing my granny picked up for me a couple weeks ago that made all the resale letdowns go bye bye .....................
For real. Granny's got the magic touch.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tetherball included

So we made it back and we had a great, relaxing time. My Aunt and Uncle live on an incredible plot of land out in the San Antonio hill country. There's such a laid back vibe out there...............
 Even the deer are just chillin in the presence of humans.
If you aint got a metal lifesize animal in your yard you aint got no status.

 Tetherball is #2 on our housewarming wishlist. Right under "house".

 Jerome gets just like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. He says I cheat, but how can one cheat at tetherball? It's an uncheatable game. Think about it.....

 Hey look, here's as close to an outfit post as it'll probably ever get here. Enjoy ;)
 Man, we're tryin to do this family thing right. We really are.
 Love this man with the doe brown eyes.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Too full to blog

Man........ I'm stuffed. Hope yall are done eatin cuz I sure am.
Headed home tomorrow. Let's hope we can close on the house this week......
  Truffle Shuffle ya'll!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hill country love

 Here we are, back at granny's. The pictures do all the talkin. Sorry, no turkey pics here. But we sure are thankful as can be.