Friday, November 16, 2012

A good one. Needed that.

By complete accident I stumbled on one of the year's best adventures. I was actually halfheartedly looking for a yard sale that had a sign posted by my house. I didn't see it after two lights and  was turning around to go home when I saw a sign boasting "Antiques & Misc. Decker Prairie Community Center"..... anything that warrants the use of a community center is worthy of scopin out. Even if Decker Prairie is a meth lab hotspot with a mullet to regular hair ratio of 3/2..... Despite the shady location the prices were unreal! Most everything I bought was $1.

 Needs a couple knobs, but what a beautiful radio. $5 !
 This telephone chair/gossip seat was only $10. It's a light pink that you can't really see here. Probably my favorite thing I found today :) 
 I got this for my mom and only paid $5 for it! It possibly doesn't work and most likely will never get repaired but it's such a lovely piece of history.

 You wouldn't believe how much stuff they had still with original packaging. And for $1 each! Okay, okay. I'll stop telling every price. That kinda erks me, so I won't be a hypocrite.
 Box full of paper clothes, too. I don't ever see things in such great condition. I was totally impressed by these sellers. I asked a man if they used to own an antiques shop and he replied, "Nah. We're just expert junk collectors." I think I felt my heart skip a beat! It was definitely a moment ;)
 All this baking stuff is for my mom's Christmas. Don't worry, we're safe. No one gives a crap about my blog.

 Suuuuuper happy with the dolls.....biting my tongue from telling prices......
Hey Delena, this doll has my hair.

 This guy is MINT condition. 

 Soooo, that's it. I really wanna move into my own house like an adult. Until then I'll just pose like one.


  1. oh man! you racked up! i'm seeing green!

    1. If it's any consolation, I live with my parents and all this stuff goes straight into storage...but just for a little while longer...(fingers crossed)

  2. Laura... You suck you suck you suck YOU SUCK! I can't even stand myself right now that's how bad you seek. I can't even think. You know that radio better be mine. And yes... The doll has your hair. But in this pic ur lovely as usually. But looks like u used a brush;)

    1. We'll soon be back in Katy and mi cas es su casa. You can play with all my stuff, buddy! Don't be jelly.

    2. And it's not brushed. Just oily and flat from shoppin up a sweat, dear.