Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My new little friend

I have purposefully not talked about "our" house because I have enough sense to know that listening to the same old spiel about delays, lying mortgage brokers, AAA-holes and delayed dreams can be a drag. But one quick update: We've supplied and met all the conditions for the underwriter and we could be home by next weekend......can you hear me squelching air? ..........gasp!  Okay, so I'm a lil deflated, gotta go into emotionless void mode till this baby drops. In the meantime I'll just keep huntin treasures........

TA DA!!!
 He's a foot tall and pretty proud of it. I had never seen one so large and quickly found after a little google that he was made for displays in stores, not really for sale. So he's like an extra special promo! Love him even more <3  I love Annallee dolls, we buy at least one a year at Marshall's or Ross. The story behind this company is pretty inspiring to me since I have a similar desire to make toys and dolls. It has a pretty sad ending though, but I digress.....
 Look at that mug <3
made in 1971.... I got him for 4$
Yeah, he's a keeper. Hope he lasts another 40 years :)


  1. that's a big'un! I have always thought they were so cute. Such sweet faces.

    1. "It's the positive-ness of the face. It's the smile. If you smile, someone else has got to smile back."
      ~Annalee Thorndike

  2. oh man, he is CUTE! and what a steal! i found an cute annalee owl last year, but that is my only one. i like the old ones better (of course)

    1. Since I totally read your archived posts, I know about your owl. And I laughed aloud when that one gil actually asked you if you'd do a trade...pfftt! As if!
      Silly non-knowers, not knowin just how much we appreciate our stuff...that owl is a lifetime keeper, for sure ;)