Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waitin on my Christmas

Been doin a little decorating around my parent's house, lately. Well, obviously I was just takin pictures of the ones doin the work. Important work in itself though, right?

 I so wanted to decorate our own little house. Mark my words, I'm getting a full month's worth of Christmas ambiance once we do get in that house. Even if we have to get rowdy with it all the way through February, we're doin Christmas right.
 I did keep a few boxes of my most treasured ornaments here with me. Is it irrational to think our storage unit might get broken into and they would get stolen? Or a massive fire could destroy them? Or by some clerical bookkeeping error our storage unit could be mislabeled abandoned and they be auctioned off????  Well anyhow, they are here safe with me.....whew.

Seclusion brings out the Olsen twin in me. 


  1. Love you Laura "Ashley Mary-Kate" sissy;)

  2. oh man, i just want to snatch that box! ok, i HAVE to get out my christmas stuff tomorrow, if only in your honor since you aren't in your house to decorate it.

    1. this box would have to be pried out of my cold dead hands. I'm sure you can relate ;) You BETTER decorate! You have the BEST stuff ever!