Monday, November 5, 2012

You bet we made a haul

Granny wasn't feelin too hot this weekend and wasn't up to the secondhand crawl. My whole life she's been my only partner in crime for the hunt. Wait, "partner in crime" makes us sound like equals. I take that back, I am merely her protege ;) Well anyway, she wasn't able to go but the cool thing about granny is that she knows how important it is and she insists that you go on without her. She empathizes with "the itch" and she knows it's gotta be scratched!...... But all ends well in this story. Recently my cousin Lisa, as we say, has caught the bug. So she and I did it up right. We did it for all those who couldn't make it. We did it for those who didn't have two pennies to rub together. We did it for granny.
It's more than I showed here but a girl's gotta keep an air of mystery about her, right. 
 Oh gosh, what a deal on these two. I bought the one on the right for $1.99 and when I got home I realized it was a set and they were stuck together. The guy wrapped em separate so no underhanded dealing, don't worry.
 Yeah, this whole thing is so random. For my lil Sarah who loves cats and all things weird. Look at this sweet, sweet little deer inside! I remember these in my granny's craft stuff when I was a kid :)

 Such a cool vintage tray :) We used to have a Six Flags here in Houston called AstroWorld. They closed it back in 2005. Boy, do I have memories of that place. One year my parents sprung for season passes so they made us go like everyday to get their money's worth. It began to feel like punishment after awhile.

                       That red velvet lining always makes me smile :)
    Oh yes. This will be forever treasured in my home. These are all over ebay on the cheap but where's the fun in ebay? I'm not responsible enough to follow through with the rest that comes after clicking "bid".
 I'll never drink from it in real life so here's me pretending.

 Interesting shape on this wood painting, right? I fell in love with this and couldn't believe it wasn't snatched up. It really pays to dig through all that framed art, guys.

Baby girl's been wanting one of these for awhile. I finally found one that still works. It just needs a mirror but that's an easy fix.
Guys, does this post seem tooooooo long? Cuz I got more to show you and I know I don't dig cliffhangers, they always make me feel like I'm bein played. Don't bet that you like em, either... Okay, then. Let's keep goin. That thing I was tellin you I found is comin up...............
         Russian? Spanish? South American? Wherever he's from I'm diggin the Pringles stache. Granny said, "You bought that?!" And when I was like, "Yeah, he's cute" she said, "I know, I almost bought him the other day." :)  I love my granny.
       SCORE!! Waited for a man to put it down and snatched it up before it even rested there half a second.
  And finallly..... The thing I was looking for and even turned out to be a much more beautiful one than I had hoped to find......

 A Bradley doll :) My granny had these when I was a kid and I admired them so much. She gave me two but said that I could have them when I grew up (she was wise enough to know I would "love" them to ragged peices) Well,by the time I "grew up" granny had moved so often that much of her stuff has been stored away or even left behind. Bradley dolls long gone.....
She stands on a base and turns to the song "The Way to San Jose" and still has original tags. Didn't get a picture to show it, but you trust me.
 We emptied out our loot in the front yard so granny could see what we got. She got a few neat things, as     well. You know we can't forget her!

Boy, wasn't that fun? I like lookin at ya'lls stuff, too :)


  1. How fun! I want to go thrifting with you all. I hope you granny is feeling better. I love those horse paintings and that woodpecker cup! I definitely had that exact same music/jewelry box growing up. Aaaand I have two Bradley dolls. I didn't know they had a name, I just have seen them all over. They are so cute :]

    1. If you went with us I have a feeling it would look like that old game show Supermarket Sweep! Texas Hill country(San Antonio/Austin) is such an ecclectic place, the thrifting is always so rewarding. And I actually told my cousin your Blythe story after I found my Bradley doll. We were standing in the middle of a remote San Antonio Goodwill when your blog post was recounted, weird and cool, huh?.... such a trip that I found my "treasure" so soon after I read your post. The second thing I am looking for are Dream Pets :) Don't tell me you have 10! ;)

  2. I had that same ballerina jewelry box when I was wee. I think my mom bought me and my sister matching ones out of the lillian vernon catalog.

    1. I looked on the bottom and sure enough it has a little round stamp that says "Made in Taiwan for Lillian Vernon". You're like the Yoda of old stuff....