Friday, November 2, 2012

Jumpin the gun and a semi happy ending

Yesterday we were told by our realtor we were clear to close so I jumped up and expressed my joy by going to the thrift store. I know, I know. Just hush and enjoy.......
                             Just look at that precious, dopey face! Have you ever ?!.....

 The lady assumed I was intending to resell this stuff and made me pay $5 for this guy. I usually only pay $1 dollar for plush toys, but she said, "Puppets are always $5."  Baloney! He was well worth it, though   :)
 I collect old gorilla plushes AND old puppets so this was really a fantastic find for me. My lil sis has a keychain with a tiny version of this on it and refused to sell it to me last week. I think this was God's way of being sweet to me. Sure, laugh but I know I'm his kid ;)
 Cutest lil Woodstock ever! Made like a Dream Pet, velvet material and sawdust filling. Tag says 1972. Paid  just $2 for him so the puppet evened out.
 I have the Bingo Beaver figurine packed away. These aren't worth much but their valuable to me :)
 This is a night light and it works! So sweet, I wonder if it'll end up in my room or the kids when we move.....
 I found this Peanuts sheet set with two pillowcases and had a mini stroke. Oh geez, I still can't stand it! The sheets have these cool little sayings all over them. Some sound advice from Charles Schultz. You'd never see children's merchandise with this kind of heart or innocent humor in today's culture. What a different time this was.....
                         I do too,  Charlie Brown. But we just gotta keep truckin......
                                      You got that right, Charlie Brown!
                                       Biblical all the way, Charlie Brown.
And amen to that Linus :) ..... We heard from our mortgage broker that we have not in fact been clear to close. Our realtor pulled a real cruel one with that little misstep.


  1. Ahww this is so cool! We can't help but love everyone who just differs from the rest. New followers now :) come by our website and checkout our new post too! HIMandHERproject

    1. Hi there! It's odd to me that anyone would stop by ;) I'll go check you out. Here's to random stopping by!

  2. Dude I had the same pillow.cases. This is amazing. P.s. You suck

  3. I HAD THOSE SHEETS! They kept me awake cuz I was always reading them...great disassociation tactic as well :)

  4. ah ha i do believe that you now have that little red gorilla key chain, i was holdin out to give to you as a gift :) and i love your sheets and I am always unsure as to which ones are acceptable to use... gotta get you some that arent as sarah would say "old" lol :)