Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tetherball included

So we made it back and we had a great, relaxing time. My Aunt and Uncle live on an incredible plot of land out in the San Antonio hill country. There's such a laid back vibe out there...............
 Even the deer are just chillin in the presence of humans.
If you aint got a metal lifesize animal in your yard you aint got no status.

 Tetherball is #2 on our housewarming wishlist. Right under "house".

 Jerome gets just like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. He says I cheat, but how can one cheat at tetherball? It's an uncheatable game. Think about it.....

 Hey look, here's as close to an outfit post as it'll probably ever get here. Enjoy ;)
 Man, we're tryin to do this family thing right. We really are.
 Love this man with the doe brown eyes.


  1. Cute... Glad you had fun. I've always wanted tetherball too so maybe you'll get blessed with one;)

    1. We did have a lot of fun, the pictures are telling a true story :) And yes, take up a collection for our tetherball ministry.

  2. that looks so fun! Way to go bringing tetherball back...and metal dinos for that matter :)

    1. Tetherball is a lost art.... and everyone in the Texas hill country seems to be weird(awesome). That crazy "Anti-crack" junk car cemetery you found on your travels is pretty much the norm out where my family lives. I think the hill country is where flamboyant artists and hippies go to live out there last years.....