Thursday, November 1, 2012

Because it's fun, that's why

When I was a kid my granny used to take us to yard sales and flea markets. She'd give us a wad of money and let us roam free. Having that money in hand and  knowing that it was up to me to pick anything I wanted  was the BEST feeling. It's as close to a treasure hunt as it can get for a kid. Even now, days away from 30, I still get that same treasure huntin' thrill........

The more "junk" the better, I say.
One of my favorite things to look for is old toys. This setup above is kinda frustrating because I just know there's a  hidden gem somewhere in these bags. It's mighty hard trying to look in each sack for that little treasure. Yes, I do try, though.

It's works out pretty well for my kiddos that I spend most of my time in the toy section. Is it wrong that my 2 year old can already pronounce "resale shop" ;) 

Half the fun is you just never know what you'll see. I love seeing the zany stuff other people use to have in their homes. Sometimes I'll buy something just because I know I will never again lay eyes on something like it. Not really gonna win any Fiscally Frugal honors with that tactic, but eh, who cares?
This was some sort of ceramic planter/cigarette holder? Looking at it here as I write, feeling some reverse buyer's remorse. Wish I would've grabbed it. :(

If my husband wasn't with me this wooden guy above would've come home with me. Something about Jerome being around makes me more "practical" (scared). He's definitely got "the look" down. I could feel it with my back turned as I was lookin at this wooden head...... heebie jeebies!

Ok, confession. I have been tempted at least 4 times to buy this door stopper farmer. I was saddened to see that his grey hair had been ripped off since the last time I was there. And to think, I could've saved his poor hair!........I got a couple things today. I found a real treasure that I'll show you tomorrow. Keep your pants on, Delena..... ;)


  1. WOW that store looks like a treasure trove of utter awesomeness. :D I love thrifting and flea marketing and antiquing. It's such fun and you're right, amazing when you find such random gems as these.

    1. I know, right? ;) Just posted what I did buy, sooo worth the dig. Gonna go check out your blog more.....

  2. i hadn't seen bags like that until i went to Cincinnati. i don't like it! especially if there is just one good thing in the bag!

    1. Communism: a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably.
      This bag system of "equal opportunity" buying of crap toys to get good toys is totally a communist move. ;)