Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Friends can be plugged in

Didn't show you what I got an estate sale this past weekend. Mom told me about it after she saw it on her way home from the store. The house had been there over a hundred years and we never saw it our whole lives out this way because the land around it was only cleared after the last owners passed away. Man, I wish I had my camera with me when I went! But the grandkids (who were as old my parents) were runnnin it and were still pretty raw so I would've felt really tacky takin pictures. Lots of crying and reminiscing was goin on, I felt pretty awkward just bein there and kinda guilty that I was pickin through their memories. This is the only the thing I bought besides a 1950's cake stand for my mom with lemons painted on it.
 Seriously, only $5. Don't even know why it was still there at 11 am! Guess it was just mine.
Plugged it in, speakers still work and it still spins. The owner showed me where the wires need to be soldered on the arm and hopefully I know a couple people who can work some magic cuz I aint no scientist.

 When I asked Jim (grandson) about this record player he looked around to make sure no one was listening. He told me a girl had given it to him at 16. He got all glazey eyed (seriously) and said "Helen Ragglyn." Then he looked around cautiously one more time before he said "Don't tell my wife. Helen Ragglyn was a beautiful, elegant girl....(more starry eyed reminiscing and silence).... she gave that to me. Another boy had given it to her, see there's his name on the side....But she gave it to me.... Helen Ragglyn (smilin, eyes far away, probably in Helen's room circa 1963) ........... 
Man, I love givin people's memories new life. That's gotta be why vintage is so           heart warming.
 And just cuz they live in the same realm I gotta show you what me and Delena found at that barn sale back in October. This radio/8 track/record player beast was $10. The guy sellin it assumed it didn't work so he just hoped he'd at least get a few bucks off it from someone's nostalgia. But he was kinda fussy when as I was payin for it, the lady takin my money told him we had gotten an extension cord and found out it worked. The record player needs repair, but we'll get there one day.
I have spent many hours out in the garage sittin in a chair in front of this friend just listenin to the radio. It makes me feel like I'm in the garage with my dad and he's workin on some project while I am just happy it's the weekend and don't have to go to school :) 
Headin out to the Hill country today to spend Thanksgiving with my granny. We have our Wednesday night Pie Supper to get to. Me and granny started it up about 11 years ago and we're still the only ones who really do it. Doesn't matter, I like havin a tradition with my granny :)


  1. that is a great little record player. and i love the story behind it. that is best part, when you get to know the history. oh helen ragglyn

    1. tempted to facebook helen ragglyn. or the name on the record player ;) have a great Thanksgiving, Rae!

  2. Replies
    1. mmmmmmm.....nope. you always make me feel guilty!