Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dreams and borderline stalking

 No, this is not the part where I tell you "WE GOT THE HOUSE!"  This is just me pining away on modern day technology. This is just me squeezin tight to what I want, like if I strangle it hard enough it'll submit and be mine. If this keeps up much longer me and this house might end up on Maury Povich.
 Every picture Jerome took of me I've got this Christmas morning squeezin myself in delight hug. Speaks.
 This brahma bull will stay. Cuz come on, it's Texas.

 Keyboard kitchen, folks. This makes me think of that movie Big where they dance on the huge floor piano at the toy store. Or a 50's diner, kinda.
 When I opened "my" closet door this is what I found inside :) 

 Christmas mornin hug under the birdhouse.
 Come on, we have to own this house. It's the only one on the block that has tacky palm trees. Speaks.
 This must be an open invitation for any would be stalkers. Wouldn't be hard to find us. Sorry, you might be a lil disappointed when you do. But the fun is always in the hunt anyway ;)  
But for now this is life. And life is still good. 


  1. oh man i hope you get it soon! what a great house! and you better keep that boxer in the closer or you send it to me! i LOVE that style of decoration! here's me crossing my fingers that you close SOON. that waiting game is rediculous.

    1. Okay, Rae. Deal. IF we close, I'll give you the boxer. IF we don't you give me your house ;) But really, I will be so HAPPY and grateful that I will give it to you. A reverse housewarming gift! Your blog gives me such a fun outlet, it's a small repayment :)