Monday, November 12, 2012

An inner look into the man that is Jerome

The following is a covert interview I just had with my husband. His answers are in red.

Why won't you read my blog, Jerome? Aren't you curious about what I could possibly be saying about you? Because blogs are stupid. Not yours. Just the ones I've seen. Like when I look on there I'm like, you don't have a life. No one cares if you took a poop at 3 o clock. Yours is probably cute and funny and whatever, I'm just sayin others. I'm not talking about yours.

What blogs have you even seen? (Name withheld for so many reasons). She's psycho though. I think shes got a minute mental disorder. (in valley girl tone) "Oh, I've got this ancient Indian ancestry so can you remove those owls from your porch, they're like offensive to my culture, like I'm gonna blog about how you go to a demonic church and your pastor's a demon, blahbity blah blah." (he's sadly accurate on his imitation)

Who else's blog have you ever read?  I don't know, bits and pieces here and there. They're a bunch of junk. 

Like who?  I couldn't tell you their names, just random people. All I know is people blog to spew hatred when they're mad at someone. They get on there and get all passive aggressive and they're like, oh you're company sux and your service sux here. Whatever.

Why do you think people blog? In general I don't know but prolly to affirm themself. They think their life's so full and they have so many cool things and they do cool stuff, and their like "Look at me". Like who's gonna see it? Ethan Tremble' and his 90 friends on facebook?
If I want someone to know something about me I'll tell them to their face. If I want someone to know I like these kinds of shoes and this pair of pants and my nephews lazy, those people will know. That's how it goes in my world, no typing involved, straight from the mouth. That way no one can get their panties in a wad, it's right in their face they can take it or leave it.
The computer's for convenience,  payin bills, postin some pictures for my family if they wanna see some, expediting documents, stupid crap.

So do you think I waste my time on here? I don't know cuz I can't pinpoint how much time you spend on their cuz you figured out how to go into stealth mode. There's like some way you can block anyone from seeing your web history from any outlet. I don't how you do it but it can be done. Its like 3 buttons, ctrl and somethin else. Google came up with it. (not sure he got that last question's true meaning)

I'm starting to enjoy this dynamic between us........


  1. glad I am not alone. My boyfriend reads mine, but most of my close friends do not...nor members of my family...unless I queue it up and put it in front of their faces or read it aloud to them. lame.

    1. When I was a kid I wouldn't even try guacamole, because obviously it looks like green poo. When I was a teen I tasted it and realized that I had missed years of not enjoying it's wonderful goodness, foolishly rejecting it every time it was offered.
      This is how they will all feel one day concerning our blogs.
      They will see.

  2. Okay.. So good points made by both parties, however I have to side with you on this Laura. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Besides that, you're my friend so I wanna be a part of whatever you doing. I think it's more of a heart thing than a blog thing anyways. Keep it up... Luv ya sis.