Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In this place

This last week I took introvercy to the next level. I didn't even look in a mirror that I can remember. When I get withdrawn like this I kinda just look through myself anyhow, the mirror image is unfocused if you know what I mean. Like I don't even want to hang with me. You know. Or you don't..... But I must remember that those who don't take time to withdraw (see, how I've worded that to sound so normal?) don't get it and make the error of thinking it's personal. Mental note: call mom, call granny.....
But anyway, my "timeout" from the earth scene and it's populace just makes for more fun time with the kids.

 This is what we spend our time doing. Our kids grew up with the likes of Keyboard cat, Emo Kitty, Dancing banana, German techno music Gummi bear. We are shaping some well rounded kids, lemme tell ya.
 Really glad I fullfilled a childhood fantasy and married a Ghostbuster. Feelin pretty pleased about it.

 Apartment dwelling families will get it when I say that having a backyard has been a transcendental experience. I think we have found what John and Yoko were searching for.


  1. i only lived in two apartments in my life but i hated it! i need a yard! i can't imagine with kids!

    1. just multiply you're former apartment misery by 100, add 28 and then you'll know. It's ridiculously confining.

  2. All kids should be familiar with keyboard cat. It seems like a necessary rite of passage these days.