Friday, January 11, 2013

Life's just good

Okay, I'll just be upfront with ya'll. This post is a slap-together quickie. I like to put a little more pizzazz into this stuff but while I'm waitin on that certain je ne sais quoi my life goes by undocumented. And I've grown quite fond of reducing my day down to a few snapshots and a little casual banter. I'll be sure glad I took the time to catch it while it was fresh when a few years go by. 
       Unless Terminator is a prophetic warning and my computer hates me and won't        let me see my blog.
             Then I guess, it will all have been for naught.....
 The man is tearin up the yard. 
 He couldn't hear me over the saw yellin "Wait!! Those are actually beautiful blooming vines that will regrow in the Spring!!!!"  ....oh well.
 All jokes aside, I pulled the babies together and we prayed for Daddy's safety when I saw this ridiculousness goin on. Then I took some pictures in case it was the last time I saw him alive. It's a southern thing, we need photos to prove our memories right. Would you believe I know a lot of family that takes pictures of the deceased at funerals? I aint there yet. Don't imagine I'll ever be....
 I'm reworking some wood pieces so I can get my knick knacks off the built-in and it won't look like Hoarding Central anymore. Someone encouraged me to just go on and redo that original wood piece, the integrity of the object lays in it's ability to make you happy (thanks, Rae).

 These kids change ALOT. Gabe just stays nekid for the most part so I guess the laundry evens out.

 And I'm startin to see age. It's welcomed. It's very welcomed. 
I'm starting to feel age in my brain, too. I'm talkin about steadiness, maturity. It's a good thing.


  1. oh gosh that picture of him on the roof reminds me so much of travis. when he borrowed a chainsaw from his dad i made him only use it when i was home because i knew he would do something dumb when i wasn't home to call 911 for him.

    1. I know, RIGHT?!! I couldn't leave till he was done. Because me standing beneath yelling was all that stood between him and certain death? Seriously, they would all die stupid, freakish deaths without our nagging to keep them at bay ;)