Friday, January 4, 2013

What I learned. What I'll keep.

What I learned in 2012....

Don't mix friends and family
Don't expect that people care. Then when  they do it's a pleasant surprise.
It's okay to get accustomed to the blessings of God, He's a good Father. Don't be shocked when others perceive you as flip or ungrateful when you hold out for God's best.
Don't quit on a dream! Everyone around me didn't believe this was my house, even my husband wanted to throw in the towel several times. When you just know somethin in your gut, don't let others coax you out of it. Press in!
My children will always mirror what's goin on with us personally/spiritually. Them baby's behavior don't lie.
My husband is my true best friend. Another gal might sit around and relate with me on all topics of life but gosh darn, he's the one out in the world doin the hard part. Sweatin, toilin and bustin his hump for me and our family. No gal would be doin that for us. Laughter and mushy moments connecting are just surface. His sacrifice and work are the true fruits of friendship and love. It took me too long to learn this one. It's a life changer.
It's the blue collar workin class people that are most likely gonna be there when you need help. Boy, have we been majorly taken care of by my husband's coworkers and other work contacts he's made. Those city worker boys are tighter than any church team I've ever been apart of. This one was sad for me.
I need God's peace to be fullfilled and nothin else will do that. I'm livin in my first real home, my life's biggest dream realized and I can honestly say, the days without connecting to my Father are as bland and tasteless here as they were in any apartment or couch livin situation I ever was in.
I need way more humor in my life. Way more folks who like to let loose. And more opportunities to dance to 80's music. This will be quite the task to accomplish. Any ideas on 80's dance opportunities would be appreciated. And pointers on where to find like-minded folks who simultaneously don't partake in drugs would also be helpful.
And lastly, my eyebrows just ARE. So deal with it coiffed and pressed church ladies. Makeovers are not God's last step in "renewing" a person.


  1. it took me a long time to find a core group of people who loved to hang out and have fun but didnt' have to do drugs or be drunk to do it. they are out there!
    and that husband thing took me a while to learn too. travis really is my best friend and the person i can count on most in this world, even if he isn't always good at listening to me complain. he always trys to fix it, and sometimes you just need someone to listen and say "poor thing" haha.

    1. You say they are out there. Then I believe you.
      You and Travis totally look like a good team.

  2. I would LOVE to attend an 80's dance party. Count me in :]

    1. I really believe you would if geography wasn't in the way ;) I'm going to trick my housewarming party guests and spring an 80's party on them when they arrive.

  3. Girl i love your eyebrows.. ive told you so before and ill tell you again!!! I want your eyebrows!!!! :-D by the way i found you and follow you now.. lol it was hard work getting around you blocking me JK lol