Thursday, October 17, 2013

Granny Panny and Napolean

Granny came for a quick visit!
And so did my main man, Erik. If you've been around you may remember this stud muffin from a riveting expose I did on him last year..... check it out if you haven't! 
You'll fall in love with this kid.
He went to Round Top Flea Market with granny a few weeks ago and was so sweet to think of me. He got me an old Dumbo monopoly piece because he knows I appreciate "small old stuff". It's good to be thought of! And he also was very excited about somethin else he bought. He said "Nana (yes, me) I actually purchased a piece of history for just $10!" And I was all excited and like "What?! What?!"
And he said "An old metal sign that says Whites Only"............ 
"Well, you're the only one in this bunch who could get away with that" I said back.....
and then mentioned that it would have been a good sign for our dinner seating arrangement.  ;)
It just ended up like that cuz we ran out of space, I swear!
Later I noticed how dashing he looked through my hotdog mirror......
 and he noticed, as well.


  1. A Hot Dog Mirror has a magic ability to draw out your inner beauty and show it to the world hence the "Glow" or "Shine" it projects making everyone look much sexier and happier sort of the same effect those Rose Colored Glasses i hear tell of can cause when you wear them and look at all the grey and gloom in the world and it makes it bright and cheery... I wish we all had hot dog mirrors and rose colored glasses sometimes.

    Thanks for the window into your life Laura it's always fun to peek in and take a look see at whats going on. : )

    1. That's right John I had forgotten how my great-grandfather always used to say "Some people just go around seeing the world through Hot Dog Mirror-reflections" and I never really understood what the HECK he was talking about until I read this post.

      That's a real saying.


      No really.

  2. So funny you guys. I'm Laura's husband by the way. Yeah, that guy in the cute little mask. Very rarely have I ever commented on here but I would just like to tell all of you that there are some days that life deals me some pretty hard blows and I would cry if I didn't have this beard. But I have been reading Laura's blog and reading all of you guys comments for some time now, and I just thought I would let you know yall are freaking awesome. Absolutely hilarious. Geek, John, Mason and all the rest, along with my wife of course make hard times go away a little. Just thought I would let yall know as we say in Texas. Thanks for the laughs. Good people. Love you honey.

    1. Jerome, I want to return the compliment. What I've seen or heard of you has mostly been on this blog, and it is always apparent to me that what I'm seeing is a hard-working father and husband who cares deeply for his family. Just the fact that you got married to someone as awesome and amazing as your wife puts you up about 12 notches above the average Joe.

      You guys hang in there through those hard times and cry if you need to (the beard just helps hides it anyway) and MAKE the next good time happen. I've seen you guys do it. Together as a family. In cute little masks, and birthday dances, playing family game night, and even playing with Happy Meal toys around the table with the kids.

      And we love you too, honey. Wait, who was that directed at? Laura? I bet Laura. Never mind. Scratch that part. ;)

    2. This is all too much..... I can't believe it's not butter....
      LOL! This is THE most awesome correspondence in the history of my blog's comment section.... a year ago, Jerome had no care for this weird little hobby of mine that had a mysterious name that sounded like something illness related (all well documented here) and now to read your comment above is so, so... better than diamonds, baby ;) And I can vouch for him, he laughs and smiles a lil over it everyday. It makes me happy to contribute anything to that smile.
      So, thanks all you guys and gals who have also induced a smirk in my man. It's a service well received! Who knew the comments section could stir up so much in a man's heart? This community really is connecting folks, the internet is whatever you make it and I am glad to be apart of ya'lls lives.

    3. And P.S.
      I love all you honeys ;)

    4. Aw shucks! Jerome, you're freaking awesome man! And I'm totally jealous of that awesome beard! I still can only grow a shaggy little patch beard. :D

      But seriously, all ya'lls are just an amazing family and I just love reading about your little adventures!

      Oh, and I just thought of the perfect repurposing of the "Whites Only" sign, you can use it in the laundry room to keep your darks and whites seperate! :D

    5. That is so cool that you made this comment Jerome! You two are such a cute couple. I have had so much fun reading this blog and learning more about ya'll. Just really wonderful and fun folks! I know I am usually like a week late in leaving a comment, but I really enjoy the posts and the comments too. So much fun all around.

      Also, that Hot Dog mirror is absolutely amazing. I know I have said that before, but it needed to be repeated. : )

    6. Wow! Jerome you know u made me tear up! The beard is very becoming brother.. And Laura? That sure seems like a lot of granny time considering I only knew she was there when I came as she was leaving

    7. Delena's hot for your beard...... ;)
      She totally floated in and out like a dream! What was I supposed to do? It was all so sudden and wispy......
      And thanks, Miss M and Mason :) The feelings are completely mutual. I feel like old friends with some of yall...... Hot Dog mirror FOREVER.