Friday, October 11, 2013

An Estate Sale... finally!

Hey you :) Yes, you!
Thanks for all the love this last week. I know that some may feel we share too much of our lives and I totally get that. Really, I do. 
But I just have a spark inside to share..... I find myself fist pumping whenever I'm in a group of people and someone starts tellin the nitty gritty, the real bits of life that are goin on behind the doors. It's just so cool to me. And I share my life that way. There was a time in my life when I would be ashamed to share anything personal. I made some terrible choices in my younger years and quite frankly, I was a HOT mess (people are still sayin that, right?)
But all's out in the light now. And it's beautiful in the sunshine, even those cloudy days. So I share......
And today I want to share what I got this morning at an estate sale down the street. Gettin back to my roots on here which is good cuz I hear from the Geek that his emotions can't handle another tear jerker ;)
(I think embedding for the Geek is becoming another one of my "things")
 A haul indeed! Right in at $20 which used to be no biggie. But $20 is now quite a sum. My honey is so sweet.... he wanted me to cut loose a little and let me go during his lunch break. 
 There's a whole basket of these there! I was looking through them with a little girl who's parents thought they were at an indoor yard sale. The little girl loved that we were enjoying them together and that I was so excited with her about them. The dad said "Why would you buy dolls?" I really didn't get the guy. 
He really didn't get me, either ;)
 You know I found the fifty cent box they always have out in the garage ;) 
 And this is just really crazy to me. A vintage shower curtain from  the now defunct Montgomery Ward, still in package.... $1. 
 And what the what on this mushroom fabric?! A whole mess load, like 4 yards of it, for $2. 
Delena, this is why I said you were gonna punch me in the face when you come over..... get it now?
 And even a couple of free things! 
 About this hamper... yes, I found it in the garage with the trash pile. I asked if I could have it and she charged me $2. 
Whah Whah.... ;)
 Had to oblige Sarah for her modeling practice. It's been a while.....
 And Jerome saw me tryin for some photos with my sleep mask and  pointed out it was probably kinda suggestive from a male point of view. I totally trust my guy, he covers me real good so I nixed the mask pics. And he was even kind enough to help me in another direction since I really wanted to add it.
Wisdom is not just discerning a problem but helping solve it.

 I've got a wise dude, indeed. ;)
Tuxedo mask...... and he doesn't even know it ;)
(Sailor Moon reference)
Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. I do love a good Sailor Moon reference. And I love reading your posts, whether they're about your latest amazing haul or about your incredible family.

    1. Thanks, Trash Man.... that means somethin coming from you.... I won't tell anyone you said such nice things (Geek, control yourself before you type right now!)
      All kidding aside, thanks a bunch. I hope you're settling in nicely at your new place... How's that going? I look forward to seein how you display all your stuff. From what you cast I can tell that you have some amazing stuff.... And I apologize for giving Unico away, I remember offering to "rent" it to you ;)
      But I gave it to the best little girl ever :)

  2. That mask instantly caused sleep in your husband...what a wonderful tool or weapon at your disposal lol. : D

  3. I love that Sailor Moon reference! Too cute! And that mushroom fabric is amazing!!! Oh my goodness! I need to hit some estate sales.

    And by the by, I still use hot mess too. We've all had our hot mess moments in life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing those things. I think you are an inspiration and pure joy! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    1. He totally didn't realize it... talk about swoon! ;)
      Thank you, Michael. You have said a very encouraging and sweet thing, as usual! When you speak I always think of Little Miss Helpful from the Mr. Men books. You are a pink character in my mind, naturally. :) Have a good weekend, too. Soooo glad we are finally seein some semi-fall weather, right?

  4. Replies
    1. You're totally mad about this.... it's for real. I can tell. ;)

  5. Those mushrooms are boss! I scored some mushroom yarn art and owl swag lately at, what I'm calling, a "free estate sale". Great finds sister, keep the posts coming! And I cherish the posts about your family just as much, if not more, than all the posts about the awesome finds, don't quit!

    Peace out!

    1. Aggghhh! Great comment! I may be bias at the mention of "yarn art" and "owl swag", however ;) What is a free estate sale?!
      Thanks for seeing the value in the family. Treasures!

    2. Free estate sale=FREE sign giveaways! :D

  6. Someone lets you loose with 20 bucks and you bring home an army of cupie dolls. THIS is the reason I get up in the morning. Because there are still people out there like you who will proudly (and just figuratively) flip off those people who ask "Why would you buy dolls?"

    The guy I bought my big bin of action figures from seemed convinced I was just trying to make a buck on eBay until I assured him that most of it was going to end up on my shelves at home. Then he shook my hand. That was nice.

    "Why can't people just like toys?"

    1. Geek! I always feel like I have to at least mention that "I don't resell, I collect". It's like another "thing" I do. And that guy was just rude. I wanted to say back "Why would you get braces now? She already married you, the teeth were obviously not a dealbreaker." ... But I only said it in my head, of course.
      I love how you worded that... "someone let you loose with 20 bucks". That is exactly how it felt. Like I was let out of my cage to roam the pasture ;) Totally! And then I was a tad late gettin back and he had to call his boss.... Give me an inch, right? I felt like a bum who totally overstepped.
      I want to shake that guy's hand, too. Good man :)

  7. your last few posts have been so beautiful! love everything you bought here! especially the mushroom fabric, what a find!

    1. Thanks, lady! My style is beginning to evolve, I am certainly getting a lot "lighter" in my purchases. There's an overhaul happening over here ;)
      Have a great weekend!

  8. I was at a yard sale/flea market this weekend and the guy said, "I only sell stupid stuff to highly intellectual people. They are the ones that see value in dumb stuff"

    1. Kimmie Jones, this is very very quotable stuff right here. I can think of no greater way to sum it up.... This quote must be made into a piece of art on canvas.... Did you shake his hand? And what, pray tell, were you buyin to illicit such a wonderful response???

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