Friday, October 18, 2013

Bringin back Care Bears, Dioramas, AND Show and Tell all in a day...........

Sarah really is a girl after my own heart. Yesterday she said let's make this box like Care Bear land, mom!
And I was like, daddy's not home tonight so let's do!
 It really was a slap job, I had to keep myself from trying to "perfect" it. A few times I had to reprimand myself for not sharing the scissors and glue.... how's little bird gonna fly like mom one day if I don't let her practice? I can't have all the fun! ;)

  Sarah even took this to school today :)
I don't think school's do show and tell anymore, but by gosh, we're bringin it back!
 And I leave you with these absolute truths/Care Bear lyrics.......

"Care-a-lot is a place we all can go,
whenever we choose it.
Care-a-lot is a feeling we all know,
we never do lose it."


  1. Love it! That kid's got great talent and this is something like i used to make to use with all my little action figures like Star Wars i had when i was a youngster.

    No more Show and Tell at school? That's terrible and a bummer too so i hope you guys are bring it back.

  2. I have to admit, John, I helped with her drawing ;)
    And I love to hear that you also made your own landscapes! I really, really do. Last night I was just thinking that if we can't afford something or it's not to be found, we'll just make all our character castles, villages, dreamlands, etc. Christmas is gonna be a diorama explosion! I look forward to making some really nice ones that take more time and care.... wait, am I geeking out?......

  3. YES.

    Dioramas were a favorite project of mine in grade school. And I don't think a single shoebox went to waste in my household growing up. Many became homes and bases for any variety of action figures; especially the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember spending hours working on a sewer "play-set" with just some markers and a pair of scissors.

    1. This makes me happy to no end :) I love it!
      I don't remember actually making any as a young kid, but I do remember making Tank Girl for an 8th grade diorama project. I used the tank from the TMNT's, the one with the shell on top and cut the hair off a fairy doll.... My sister brought that up to me recently and we both wondered whatever happened to it... especially the tank!
      If we'd only have known how to keep up with stuff as kids.....

  4. that is so so so cute! i would love to play with that now!

    1. Right?! Those bears and cloud mobile were her bday present. I wanted to get her a castle but the prices online were ridiculous. I found the bears and car locally, they weren't actually for sale but I saw a tiny glimpse of them in the corner of a picture off an online yard sale site. The lady sold them all to me for $15. It was just meant to be for her :)

  5. You can't go wrong with Care Bears. Oh I love this diorama. So much fun and inventiveness. I did love show and tell at school, I can only hope that ya'll bring it back big. I will also keep my eyes on the look out for vintage Care Bear stuff.

  6. That Care Bears diorama rules! I remember making one with dinosaurs and I also made a haunted house for school. So dang fun! My brother recently made another haunted house, just like old times. Good stuff!