Saturday, October 12, 2013

A little more Kewpie, a little more mouse ........

Today was half off at that estate sale. 
You can probably deduce that I dreamed about Kewpie's all night long.......
 And sometimes dreams come true.
 And the lady was impressed with how quick I bee-lined right to what I wanted.
I had already sorted it all out, done the math and knew right where "my" stuff was the day before.
And if it's gone by the half-off day, then it wasn't mine anyhow....
 In case you can't tell, that is indeed an embroidered sunset. 
Can honestly say that I have never seen one yet. This piece amazes me!
And they're both perfect as I am currently getting rid of a lot of my darker stuff.
This house needs a new light......
 Got 4 of these vintage fold up chairs for ten bucks! This photo does not do them justice, believe me.
 The legs fold in and the seat pops up. It's quite a unique "folding chair". Super elegant!
And really, hold your breath because something beyond (insert word that magnifies awesome 100 times)
is coming up. A little thing that was made for me before the world ever knew I was comin.....


 What do you think about this?!!! 
 She's a little pin cushion mouse and apparently she's really someone important.
Check out those diamonds on her tail. So confident!
Wish I could pull off somethin like that. 
 And what's a post without a little tenderness between me and my friends......
 Gosh, I'm tired this week. Just can't find my pace for some reason.
I'm thinkin it's because last weekend was a peak. And it's not like we can stay in that atmosphere forever. As beautiful as it is from that vantage point, the air isn't suited specifically for us.
We are gifted those mountain moments here and there but it's impossible for us to stay too long, I suppose. Even if all we wanna do is stake ground and build a little cabin up there to see out our days..... 
Well, I'll just cozy up to Mrs. Briggs (yeah I named her) 
and be content with the gifts I have already unwrapped because in truth, I have been given everything!
Hope you're all feelin loved by somebody today. 
That's important. :)


  1. Love Mrs. Briggs she looks to be a lovely lady much like her new owner. Have a wonderful weekend Laura. : )

    1. Thanks, John :) Hope you've already bit off some great moments in your weekend, as well!

  2. MORE KEWPIES!!! I love it! And Mrs. Briggs has been LOOKING for you dear. She knew all along where she belonged. Where have you been all her life? It's about time you showed up!

    1. I can imagine her journey.... thankfully, I have many childhood cartoons to help guide my imagination in the realm of a tiny mouse having a journey... It may have helped her journey, that I set her back nearly out of sight (just enough to give her a chance, not enough to be a total cheater) till I could rescue her on half price day. I couldn't pay $8 for her... I just couldn't. (who am I kidding?)

  3. Replies
    1. She will rule over my other mouse with disdain.

  4. that mouse!!!! if you find it missing from your house don't worry, i've just spirited her away! i LOVE that sunset too. I haven't seen one like that either.
    I've been mostly only letting myself go to estate sales on half off day. i don't really need anything, and you are right, if it is already gone, it wasn't meant to be anyway.

    1. I would feel a certain loss if I saw her posted in someone else's blog..... she's just too perfect. There's just this whole vibe about her, it's somethin that I would have lovingly rubbed the hair off like Stienbeck's Lenny in Of Mice and Men. Their was a actually a mouse in my childhood that did receive such a loving end ;) And because of your blog, Rae, I found out the correct google search key words to find a replica!! I must post about it :)

  5. Oh Laura! Mrs. Briggs is fantastic! How cute is she? And I love those embroidered pieces! My goodness, could you imagine the work going into all that? Just stunning! I also love that you had everything mapped out the day before, I get like that too. Really glad you picked these items up! Hope the weekend was wonderful for you and I hope the week is great too.

    1. You're diggin the embroidery, too? Awesome! Lots of folks that come over tell me I should get rid of the "old lady yard stuff".... they just don't know art when they see it ;)
      Hope you're having a nice weekend, as well. Though now it's practically over!
      Miss M, take care :)

    2. WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!??? Are they BLIND??? That's what's so cool about your style!

    3. Confucius say "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops, I kinda messed up on my comment there.

      Oh man, that embroidery is just amazing! I scored some fine embroidery myself recently, as you know. It doesn't even hold a candle to that Japanese sunset though. Just incredible, great find!

    2. It was $5 Mason!
      And there's nothin like a deleted commented to get the intrigue flowin..... a man of mystery. Keepin it classy ;)

  7. Mrs. Briggs is adorable!! Plus I'm really digging that sunset needlepoint, just an amazing!

    1. The embroidery was $5, Suzy! Never, ever that cheap. Even in the resale shops. It was really a score.... I am really perplexed that all of the embroidery work was untouched, even yesterday when I took granny there (which means I have gone well over the estate sale visit quota)