Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The latest.....

Sent  somethin to an address that I've memorized for 13 years
 but never could find what it took
 to just lick and stamp.
 Nursed a sick baby for a week......
 Scared the caboodles out of my best friend with a wind-up mouse I bought for the Geek.....
 Been hangin out with these dweebs.....  
 Found some early Christmas presents for one of the dweebs.....
 and a lil somethin for me......
 Sold my first banner....
 Sold a set of these.
And realized what a dummy I was for charging so little for so much work.....
 And had a moment where I just felt happy about my life when I went to clean some gum off my shoe.
When I saw what the true culprit was it just hit me.
I was glad that I lead the kind of life where a throwback Weeple would be stuck to the bottom of my shoe.
And I'm glad there are others out there...... ;)


  1. I love your shoe artwork too. I love that lamp. I love that you are too humble to take the real value of your hard hard work (but that needs to stop, m'kay?). I love that even the miserably sick and screaming, terrified faces in the post represent love in one way or another. And I love that it feels like you ended this post with a metaphor, intentional or not. I'm not sure I understand the metaphor, but it makes me smile. And I think that was the point anyway.

    1. The use of "m'kay" always make me laugh. Thanks ;) And wasn't that the greatest shot of my friend's sheer horror?! It was as if the room and everything in it was out of focus except for her terror filled face..... I love it.
      And I hope that you will have similar joys with the mouse when it arrives! I told her I had seen a mouse earlier, let some tme go by and the asked her to clean the counter. It was wound and waiting under a pile of papers for her to move them....!!!!
      And indeed, it was a metaphor ;)

  2. i love that little dude on the bottom of your shoe. i have one stashed away somewhere. it is purple and i don't want to waste it by sticking it in the wrong place!

    1. I totally don't waste them! This was very disheartening for me and yes I may have yelled a little at the kids for takin the paper of the sticky feet ;)

  3. I really really need to find an excuse to exploit your Alladdin drawing skills! He was my first love! Is it creepy to have one hanging above my bed?

    1. I'm all for it.
      Ask Jamie if he wouldn't feel threatened by it ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Sho is! :)
      Hope you have a great weekend, John.

  5. Priceless pic! Moms gonna love it

  6. Wow. The finished set of your Aladdin pieces is just amazing. You are so talented! Not just with the Aladdin stuff, but with your posts too. I always enjoy reading and checking out what new pictures you will be showing to us all. I also love Weeples! Too much fun. Hope you have been doing well!