Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Highlights

A little bit of what's goin on round here....
 Always messin with Gabe. We made him think the Grinch was eatin his food......

 Gettin a sweet deal on a Roots and Feathers necklace off ebay. As much as I admire the artist, I could not afford it full price.  It was sold by a lady raising charity money who initially purchased it full price herself so the creator already made profit. Well, that's how I've justified it. Over analyzing, as usual.

 Parked in front of this property that I've passed a thousand times growing up. Sat wondering what was goin on with these folks (or just guy) and wondered why I was compelled to stop and do so until I thought about Leatherface and how someone who lived in a place like that would probably have no qualms in shootin at a stranger who was takin pictures of their property and promptly sped off.
 I've got the heebie jeebies realizing that these Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls may be to lure children (or me).
 Realizing that I still have makeup habits of a teenager. Must remember that I'm grown now, there's more eyeliner where that came from.
Granny gave me some quilting squares so I've done what would only be right and started my first quilt  :)

 Found the perfect gifts for a couple of family members. Hope they're still there when the Christmas discounts start fallin....

Laughed when I saw this very non-vintage Santa in an Antiques Mall for $6.95 when I had one randomly layin in my passenger seat in it's original package. Maybe I do have too much crap.


  1. Isn't that upsetting? Not just the rapey house...but when you see vintage markup on things! I've even seen it at goodwill. Ill see a dress selling for 8 bucks with original tags which show it was on clearance for 7 at target! What!?!!!

    1. I'm so peeved with the local resale shops, too ;/ They've caught on to us and are pricing vintage at antique store prices. Soon there will be no affordable places for me to scratch the "itch".... I've seen that Goodwill/Target debacle a million times. It would take just little intelligence to know it's unreasonable to ask for more than the original of something in resale AND leave the evidence?? Morons.....okay, that was a soapbox moment...steppin down...

  2. Oh gosh, I love how you made him think that the Grinch was stealing his food. Toooo funny!
    xo TJ

    1. We have a running thing around here of mesin with my son ;)

      p.s. I'm always a little surprised to see comments in my space. thanks <3