Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sprinklin a lil Christmas

Okay humor me one last time guys. We are said to be closing on our house by Monday....... we'll break out the box of wine when it actually happens ;)  This past 4 months has has left my lil ol' heart a bit jaded. I've become so skeptical I want it in writing when my kids say "Love you momma" ....totally kidding, about that last part at least......
Since we stayed here at my parents on into December I decided to bust out some of our own Christmas flair and throw it around the house. It felt good doin it yesterday, made me smile. Needed some warm fuzzies in my heart, life feels so dry as of late.
 First thing, just to warm up I threw a few things in my mom's wreath on her pantry door. 
 Her mantle of course is already plum full and I don't think toddlers and tree ornaments should ever mix so I just strung up a bundle of goodies from the kitchen entryway. 

 Went out and bought a cheap little tree and weighed it down with as much as it could handle....

This owl <3 

 Rotary phone Santa :) Originally he was in a beat up gold phone booth that looked like a present box. I guess the mid century Asian factory that made it got an order for a "phone booth Santa" and that was what they imagined our phone booths were. A booth with a rotary phone inside, imagine that ;)
Hopin that next week I'll be bloggin about movin on in to that house. 
Dreamin, dreamin, dreamin......


  1. Wow! Good luck on your house! Moving at Christmas time. whoowhee! I love all of your ornaments and that idea about the swag in the doorway - YES. I haven't put up a tree this year because of a new kitten and I have been feeling so sad. Gonna make a kitsch ornament swag!

    1. Post some pics when you do! I can't wait to see how it eclipses mine in all it's vintage glory. ;)

  2. oh you have some good stuff! i especially like the knit wreaths and the sequin clauses in the doorway! and of course santa and his little rotary phone.

    (do you like all these weird late comments? i'm still catching up on my dang reading from going out of town in NOVEMBER! haha!)

    1. Do you realize who you're talkin to? I commented on your Micheal Jackson stamp post from waaaay back. Yes, I read through your archives whenever the mood strikes me ;) I commented on someone's deserted blog dated from 2009 last week..... wonder if they'll ever see it, ha!

    2. p.s. YOU are the reigning queen of vintage Christmas, however :)