Friday, December 14, 2012

Some guy totally blessed me

First off let me jot down what happened yesterday... I went to a postal store to mail a couple presents to two fabulous ladies. Well, I don't ever ship packages, I can never even manage to complete the letter mailing process because I always get hung up on finding a darn stamp. Bein such a postal novice I was unprepared for the cost of shipping.... $44 total!!! I just hung my head, collected my packages and headed on out. Right outside the door stood a man who I'd held the door for and let go ahead of me with a smile. He noticed my boxes and said "What happened?" I told him that the shipping was pretty steep and I was going to the regular post office. That man pulled out his wallet and handed me $60.
Yes. He did. I only protested once and then conceded because when a person's led to do something unbelievably kind you just let em. "It's more blessed to give than recieve" is solid truth and we all have moments when we're the giver and then when we're the receiver. Enjoy both with an easy conscience.
I didn't feel bad or poor or unworthy. I just felt blessed. God showed me a kindness and I sure did thank Him for it :)      ................. Now here's some completely out of context pictures of what I got off Hennekee.
 In the box, unopened pyrex. 
 A Sears functioning blender. This motor could power my dad's lawn mower! They just don't make quality stuff like this anymore.
 This clock is so beautiful. Should I paint the wood another color? I always debate on compromising original woodwork but I prefer bright colors over wood.....
 Awww, Mr and Mrs. Hennekee's flight bags :) I like havin pieces of their history to keep.
 Lovely lady <3

 I have memories of these two from when I was little. I'm sure they were some other kid's but I do remember playin with em :)

 Ava's been lovin on this barn so much this week. It's satisfying to see these old toys have new life :)

 I just love the little details inside!
 This was hidden out of sight in a corner between a hole pile of boxes. It's a good thing I'm so tenacious or I'd have missed this! Sure glad those antique store ladies who came earlier overlooked it. Just another case of somethin bein meant for me  ;)

I've just about reached my emotional limit over here livin with all these people. I better hold my tongue today,  just know it's about to get me in some sticky molasses. Lord help me.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! What a sweet act of kindness. The universe was paying you back for something! and you really got a bunch of good stuff! i say paint the clock. If it makes you love it more and use it, I think that is the most important thing. AND i had that alice tea set when I was little! that really brought back a memory seeing it!

    1. Okay! You just set me free from the hesitation of painting a BUNCH of wood stuff I wanna use.... Awww, I'm glad the tea set gave you a lil heart mush <3

  2. Oh! That blender! I love it! And I'm completely overwhelmed by the kind thing that the man did for you. That's a lot of loot to most of us. What a kind hearted guy. I bet that made his day as much as it did yours.

    1. I know, $60 is like a HUGE deal! That blender weighs a ton, it'll live long enough to be passed on I bet ;)

  3. Amen. Oh and by the way... I miss u sis

  4. Um. I got my box today and it made me unbelievably happy. you are the best. There will be a blog about it.

    1. YES! I am glad it made you happy, Kimmie :) ...honestly, I wish I could've done better but the shops were a little dry ;)

      our definition of "swag" is soooo different than most others.