Friday, December 7, 2012

A pretty fine day

Today was just a good one. Man, there's so much I wanna type out about our home buying process but there's a .000001%  that anyone involved in our loan process may read my blog and then sabotage us. So I will wait. But as soon as we close..... the Boo Bobby burn book will be released.
                                          So here's my pretty neat day in a nutshell.
Happy to see new treasures added to one of my favorite little booths at that antiques store masquerading as   an "Arts and Crafts Showcase".
 So, if not for chasing my son who got loose as we were leaving I would not have seen this magicalness. I didn't investigate too far because they were $25(!) but they look like they are Wendy Froud creations. She is THE puppetmaker who created puppets for The Dark Crystal, Labrynth and the one and only Yoda.  She used to sell some of her creations on Etsy for a minute but stopped. I wrote her a letter last year and am still awaiting a reply.....Oh my jizzle, as I type I have resolved to find out and sell plasma to buy these.....
 Yes, realistic testes. I am overwhelmed with the giggles as if I'm first seeing them again....
 Had the pleasure of meeting Maxine at Wal-Mart :) Asked if I could take a picture of her hat and got to chat for a bit. Can you believe this beautiful woman is 80?! Gosh, I hope I look that happy and free at that age. I bet it has a lot to do with her sense of humor. 

 Met mom for lunch at a totally non little kid eatin place.....

 We made a 5 minute Goodwill dash before her break was over. My purse's doppleganger. Figured it would live at a resale joint.
 And finally what I got from that freshly stocked booth.
Vintage Disney cake toppers. Missin the Pluto bobblehead but he'll surface one of these days ;) 
 swoon <3


  1. oh i love those little disney guys! and she really doesn't look 80! i hope i'm still happy and smiling too!

    1. I think we will totally look like her because we purposefully find fun in life :) And we will wear crazy hats.

  2. No way! But you didn't get them?