Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Such a better post, guys :) Vintage included

It's been a bit of a broom closet around here, I know. But I just needed to release a little bit and now I'm truckin on  :)  My dad followed up with another scathing letter, pinpointing how my secretly evil and conniving mother kept him from us and the only people who could prove it are now in the grave.....sounds spooky. I'd like to watch that movie. Wonder when it comes out?
(Yeah, when life gives you lemons, give those lemons sarcastic hell)
Back to my blog's true vibe, remember those Disney cake toppers I found? (wish I knew how ya'll made past references "clickable" in the word so I wouldn't have to re-upload the same pics)
Well, I found the missing Pluto on Ebay. I kinda hate Ebay cuz I take it too personal and get mad at people who are trying to "steal" my stuff. I'm too immature for the whole thing, I suppose....
 And I was back home in Katy last week for a storage unit sweep (had to find some Christmas presents I'd packed away, LAST box I looked in, of course) and got this vintage nativity scene for $3. So glad the lady asking about it was too cheap to pay $3 ;)
 What a scary donkey. There's so much room for facial miscommunication  when painting tiny faces.
 But c'mon really? This angel's so angry lookin it almost seems purposeful. Yikes! Eyebrows can make it or break it, folks!
 My older sis picked this up for me at Goodwill :)
 The promo on the back has pasted a big ol smile on this face.....
 Got this a good while back but it just now got some play. I never knew Tupperware had a Mr. Potatohead knock-off called Eggsters. Herb sold me this for a buck. He told me that 16 year old boy who helps him just sat around and played with it all mornin. He said he wasn't worth a pile of beans (that's southern for worthless) and to top it off he was a "pimpleface". (!) Herb, you just make me smile.

 I notice that even the colors on my blog look happier all of a sudden. Focusing on positives does lead to a better state of mind. But it's okay to be all yucked out sometimes, too. And it's good to just feel it and let it pass on through. Cuz one of the Proverbs says Laughter can conceal a heavy heart, but when the laughter ends, the grief remains.......
Here's to better days :)


  1. I seriously love the eyes on that donkey and the angel. "He said he wasn't worth a pile of beans (that's southern for worthless) ." - Ha! And ain't that the truth!

    Okay, to make words link to old posts or pictures on Blogger, just do this:
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    2. Look up in the blogger toolbar and choose "Link". I think it's even in blue so it will stand out.

    3. Paste in the web address to the page that you want the word or photo to link to. Sometimes, it will put "http" in for you. Just delete that and put in your full link that you need so that "http" isn't twice. Save.

    That should do it!

    1. Eartha, you're a mighty helpful lady! With your help I have now gained a level ;) You're worth a zillion piles of beans, fine lady :)

  2. Gloria is clearly the angel of death! YIKES

  3. That nativity is so good! she wouldn't pay THREE dollars? insane.

    1. That woman was trying to buy just a few ornaments from a set that was still in the box (I had to turn my face away when they told her no, I was grinnin like Chris Farley it pleased me so much) But you know, I bet she would've bought it if she knew I was eyeing it. Stingy and greedy somehow make house together.
      Did you get your package yet?!

  4. I FINALLY found your blog! What a joy it has been to read this boring Friday night. (I typed Saturday night first and had to really think about what day it was even though I definitely worked Can't wait to read more. : ) P.S. the angel is truly in need of better eyebrows. Jeez.

    1. Hi, Carri. Glad to have sucked you in ;) Are you Carri Winkle by any chance? Disregard this weird question if you are not......