Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back in town

Back home in my town, trollin my old familiar places. My buddy got to hang with me all morning which was a nice little treat. Went to two of the regulars, one new Goodwill Select that manifested while we were away and I took Delena to an antique store I kinda dig on the "strip". 

 My buddy's cheaper than the old timers in my family who still wear overalls over a pressed button down to a fancy event. Anything over $2 is "ridiculous" so she can only be my part time runnin buddy. 
 Ava insisted I take her picture by the boots. Gladly obliged that little cutie.

 I got freckles so I appreciated this doll havin some of her own sprinkles. Never see that, made me glad.

 Found this wonderful, wonderful lamp at that new Goodwill. Sweet as can be :)
 Yeah, I don't have an answer for this one. Sometimes, things just happen and you go with it. Maybe I envision my son all grown up as this. Maybe his daddy would have a lot different to say.
 Got a few books on the cheap. This one is a compilation of family stories and songs by Margo Thomas. Good sweet stuff that we'll be readin in our bedtime routine.
In one story the young protagonist shares a room with her older sister, accidentally damages her beloved David Lee Roth poster, tries to cover it up, and dreams of a new family where she's an only child to rich celebrity parents who hobnob with Lionel Richie. 
We can all relate.

I love this poem about how people's "problems" with others really begin in their own mind. In a nutshell, intolerance stems from ignorance. Good stuff for these little ones to lean into.
 Some pretty forward illustrations. 
Early 80's I love your flair. It made me who I am today.
Appearances by Cher and Kris Kristofferson..... 

Back in my neck of the woods. Still smilin.......


  1. I love cartoon Lionel Richie. I wish he made cameos in all books!!!

    1. Ha! We have a running Lionel Richie joke in our home. It was a gem to find him pop up so beautifully illustrated, jerry curl and all.
      And Van Halen anything in a children's book is just genius.

  2. Had fun sis... But ur right. While appreciate a good antique I appreciate a bargain even better. Glad you're back.

  3. Those are EXCELLENT finds!!! I just picture your house being this colorful mash-up between the homes of Pee-Wee Herman, The Brady Bunch, Lady Ga-Ga, and Holly Hobby. I'm not sure what that even means... But I want to live in a world where that is a real place.

    And I think it is.

    1. this world you speak of.... tell me it exists!
      But without Lady gaga... ;)