Thursday, December 20, 2012


So there was a little meetin today with some interesting folks. There was some trepidation. A little excitement. A lot of John Hancocks. A few cups of coffee.
And a key.

 Felt like half this year we been performing circus tricks for that little ol' key.

And now it's ours.
Be seein you in my HOME, friends.
Thank you to all who cheered us on and offered encouragement when the well
was so dry.


  1. YAAAAAY! I'm so happy for you! I know that has got to be a HUGE relief!!!
    also, i got my package today and i couldn't stop smiling. it really was PERFECT. I don't know how you did it! THANK YOU! (of course i'm going to post about it too)

      I was gettin nervous that your package was lost, what a bummer that would've been! I would have to parted with the other two in the set, but I already mulled it over and knew I could do it.
      Whew! Glad I didn't have to ;)

    2. I can't wait to see what Rae got! Also got my little owl in the mail and will post about it too!!! Kudos on the house. That's so exciting

  2. Yes! Do u remember being little and the biggest thing you could think to say in excitement was Yes! Well this Yes holds much power and I give it to you sis. Yes, God is good. Yes all good things come to those who are in Him. And simply YES I'm so happy for you and super excited about helping you get your home put together. Luv ya

  3. My family and I are just creeping up on the first year anniversary of owning our own home. I remember that day ALMOST as vividly as my wedding day and the births of my 3 kids. It was such an amazing day, signing the papers, receiving the keys, and then walking through the empty rooms of our home, just my wife and I. We cried and hugged and went to get the kids and introduce them to their new home... I just love that you got to have this experience. And it's awesome you shared it here.

    Nice mustache.

    1. HOMEOWNERS!!! It's just the most congratulatory, pat yo-self on the back, awesomest high inducing thing to yell :)
      I remember this day so crisply, too. I remember coming home and takin these photos with the key and "friends" right away and my husband was like "What are you weirding out on now?" LOL! And saying "I gotta post this NOW!".... Back then, blogging really was what put a hole in the pressure tank (cliche alert!) It got me through a hard, stressful and uncertain time....
      And I'm glad I blogged the journey. It's good to look back and laugh now. The details would be lost and the story reduced to a dull and boring outline with the title: Buying a Home is Stressful
      ...Blogging allowed me to capture the absurdity of us moving in with my parents, sharing one room with our kids, geekin out from over exposure to family, and the general cuckoo's nest of my mind in that nutty time. I even caught a moment in my husband's breakdown when he was petting a cat and talking to it at their house. And YES, I blogged it!
      Thanks :)