Sunday, December 2, 2012

Please, call me Herb

Oh boy, wait'll I tell this! Friday night I got a call from Mr. Hennekee (yes!)
       He said, "Laura, how you doin? Well, I aint havin a garage sale tomorrow but I got a lot of Christmas stuff pulled out and thought you might wanna go through it. You can bring yer momma, too if she'd like." I about peed my pants, I was so excited. I was sure that Herb must've thought I was just a big flake when I had to cancel helpin him set up his last garage sale. Really didn't expect to hear from him again and man that made me real sad. I hated to think that he would see me as just another flakeout youngster punk. Glad he knew better :)
 I knew it was a morning of rummaging through dusty old boxes in a garage and storage shed but I felt like gettin a lil gussied up was in order. But hey, it was a "private showing" 
 and we were exclusive guests, after all ;)

 There's two kinds of people in this world. The kind who would see this and think "Boy, what a pile of crap to get rid of". And then there's the kind who would see this and gleefully think "Oh my word. I just know there's some good stuff up in them boxes"
 He found this while we were diggin and said, "Lord, I aint had a drink in 8 years. Ya'll want some?" Total ham, that one.
 2 hours later this is our pile. He said "The best thing I did yesterday was call you." HA!

 He uses his blue ledger to tally up.

 And the ticket.
 Pay the man.
 I made him fan it out like that. It's more flashy that way ;)
 You know what, we're really fond of this guy. The stuff's great and all, but the stories he tells us and the laughs we share, that's the real treasure. We respect him and we just plain ol' love the guy.  I'm glad our paths crossed.
And don't you guys worry about Herb's privacy, I told him that I profiled him on my blog (after explaining what a blog was) and he thought it was plum neat. When I asked him if he'd be interested in seeing it he replied, "Nah. I aint got time for that mess." .....awww, you just gotta love Herb!

P.S. Don't worry, I'll show and tell all about our finds this week ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I usually hold back tellin that I had or currently have somethin I see on another blog cuz I think as much as it happens they'll think I'm a big, weird liar with affirmation issues.... so feel free to always tell me, I believe you! ;) It's really neat to see somethin you recognize in someone else's possession. Kinda like a fuzzy validation of something you can't quite put your finger on. But feels good.

    2. yeah i think it was my brothers! I saw it at an antique mall a few years back for $50. It's a treasure.

  2. how cool! i got to go to an estate sale before it was really opened earlier this year, but this is better! i would love to bring home some cool old stuff and actually know the stories behind it! i love herb! i hope you get to hang out with him more. also, the more of your blog i read, the more i'm sure we would be friends if we lived close. for real, i think we are a LOT alike.

    1. If you look on your package box, I believe it has Herb's address on it, he was a box he used to pack up some of my stuff, now you have a little piece of Herb...we all need a little Herb in our lives(this just gets cheezier and cheezier, huh?)
      We're totally inter-friends.