Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best buddy meets Mr. Hennekee

My lovely best buddy came out for a visit this weekend and we got to go "shop" Mr. Hennekee's patio. The guy is totally hilarious, he had two other ladie's out that mornin and said we'd have to come by another day. Think he was just worried about havin too many hens in the coop at once ;) But, he gave me a ring after our initial conversation and said he had worked it out. Said he loved our company and told those ladies he had an engagement at 1 o'clock. Well, when I called him and told him we were on on way he said "Yall come on. But park down the street and wait for the red pickup to back out." HA!!! He's such a player, that one.  I found out that those other ladies own one of our local antique stores and that made me all kinds of sad. I just know they fleeced the place real good before we got there and now that stuff is forever beyond my fiscal reach. Well, out of sight out of mind, right?..... Honestly, I'm glad he has the customers. I'm glad he's makin some money, he needs it WAY more than I need more junk.
Not sure why you were so happy about that ugly duck but I sure love your smile :)

 I know I'm lookin a bit glum in these pics.  There was a little "issue" goin on between me and my momma. Boy these pics reveal to me just how much it dampens my heart when we're not cohesive.  I'm just a big baby, turns out.
 I showed my mom those blue dishes and told her "Look, these are so beautiful!" and she just took them outta my hand. What can you do? You can't disrespect your momma.
But I really was inwardly sore over it. Just gotta gulp some things down in life.
I will show you what I got tomorrow, not a cliffhanger to bring you back. Just legitimately wore out. Hope you're well and rested this Sunday.


  1. I had an excellent time... I really enjoyed that fella. BTW, it sent so much me enjoying the, it.was.more like, Wow, he even has an ugly duck cookie jar. Luv ya