Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Rainstorm and a Yard Sale

Hello, hello!
Can I just say, I really am happy to be back at the party! You guys are pretty amazing and just made my day with your sweet comments :) Blogging was a start of me recording our little history, and I'm so glad I documented our journey through the home buying nightmare. Blogging was my vent for some pretty steamy days livin with my folks and readin ya'lls blogs was a major boost in my depleted funny bone marrow. It sounds so silly, but bloggin got me through ;) Thanks, all you wonderful strangers who I feel so kindred to. You're the best strangers I ever knew, hands down.
<3 <3 <3
So yesterday mid-blog the power went out in a storm. I thought "Is this a sign that I'm not supposed to get back on it?" And then I thought "Nah"  ;) 
 When the lights go out, kid's instinct is to put on a winter parka....
 Take groovy photos......
and contribute to the candle lighting.
 Around lunch we we set out to get some fast food so we wouldn't have to open the fridge and let the cool air out. On the way back, I saw what suspiciously looked like the remnant of a yard sale at my corner neighbor's house. So, I circled the block rationalizing stopping at a yard sale in the rain, just intending to get a good peek at what hadn't made it to the shelter of the warm, dry garage......
 My neighbor saw me parked there and came out. He told me that everything was in the garage and I was welcome to come in and look. Boy, do you ever have those moments where your yard sale/flea market nuttiness is just laid bare for all to see. When there aint no hidin it and you just shamelessly yet sheepishly just be "THAT lady" ? 
I said "YES!"
 Momma made a good decision :) It was priced to GO. His kids toys were all like a quarter to a dollar. His kids, by the way, are 37 and up. Jackpot!
 This freezer bag was a quarter. Didn't even look through it. Just grabbed it.
 Please don't hate me, Rae. I promise I'll love them like my own kids.
                              This little bassinet, he said "I don't even know what's in there. A quarter?" 
 And this is what popped out!

 A whole dollar for this. I'm not a Cabbage Patch fan, at all. But a dollar makes me a fan of anything.
 My granny and Aunt Alice used to sell these at the flea markets! I was SO happy to buy this and I have already freaked out/entertained my kids endlessly with it :)
 A fifty cent new member of our family. We're talkin long term commitment ;)
 Quarter bags (gallon freezer bags) of vintage barbie clothes and furniture.

So back to shameless yard sale ladyin', I exceeded my $6 budget and asked if I could make a pile to get the next morning, asked my sister for $20 and then went back today to collect the loot. I helped them set up and while I was there my mom showed up! She was on her way to see my granny and wanted to stop by. When she saw my van crammed full she probably thought I spent all our grocery money!  Ha ha! 
I felt so exposed! You know how you wanna just look through someone's loot?? I saw that glint in her eye.
I love our family dynamic  ;)


  1. Wow! Just wow! Bet his kids beat him up.

    1. More to come..... and his kids didn't want them! Crazy!

  2. haha, you know me too well, look at all those little baby toys! i would have snapped those up too!

    1. I can see you makin a baby shower gift with these, and then not being able to part with it in the end ;)

  3. oh my! I think I had many of those toys as a child. I would have had no self control either!!!

    1. I know you're "THAT lady", too. I just know it. ;)