Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some Lately, Lately

Lately (as in last 24 hours)
 This is in top 3 of Most Awesome Things to Find While Putting Up Laundry....

 This is in top 5 of Worst Yet Most Predictable Things to Find While Your Bustin Your Hump to Reclean Home After Three Day's of Sickness
 You can't hide your laziness from the digital world.....
 Top 3 in First Field Day Moment.........
 First Spot in Look Mom, I'm Kung Fu.......
 And random new Granny/Amish/Salem Witch (perspective?)  Gearin up to do a "Collections" post cuz I LOVE yall's collection's posts :) Collection's Posts are Top 3 in 
Best Things About Blogs for me.
Hope you knock this day outta the park! I plan to make it a great one, even if by sheer will ;)


  1. Of course! I knew I would eventually see those pics somewhere... The pics of the kids are great though. Sorry bout not helping. I'll try harder

    1. I want to see you trying harder to evade my camera.... ;) luv ya, buddy. <3

  2. Cant wait to see your collections post for realsies. I need to get off my butt and send you your goods.

    1. That's all the motivation I need to get crackin ;)