Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jordan Ranch Picnic

Today we spent the afternoon with church family at Jordan Ranch.
It's been a good long while since we participated in anything like that within our church.
Glad we broke out of that rut :)
 Sarah loves pestering older kids. She's a pro.
 My kids have literally known a lot of these folks since birth. It's a good extra bit of family they're blessed with :)

 See how my lower chin is exposed to sun? Yeah, that is way too much sun for my likin. But I love my kids and I will sacrifice and experience partial face sun exposure so they can swim. Seriouly, it's a big deal to me because my daddy was a Saltine Cracker.
 My man listenin to our Pastor teach about fathering while he's doin some fathering to our son :)
 And Lawd! The fried chicken!

 See how much God loves me? When everyone was askin for more chicken at the end and was bein turned
away, my friend Pam had a sack of it for my hubby ;)...... Look at that dude on the left eyeballin that chicken......
 What a special family these guys are.....
 The Reed family, I love em so much <3

 And I know they love us, too.


  1. Very sweet! It looks like such a fun outing. It is so nice that you have such a tight knit group of people who love and support your family :]

  2. Very sorry I missed it. All of my carnality fled in today and ALMOST caused me to call in to work but this danged fast already has my spirit heading to HIS! Amen. Really really missed out but hey, next time. Glad u got to go, it I had to pick between one of us going im glad it was u. FLY sis. This is just the beginning in Jesus name

  3. LOL! Can't believe you posted that last one. I look cray-cray. Your kids are so cute! I love you and your family too!!! <3 <3 Too bad you didn't catch your little man on his "jungle" expedition with Omar! They were soooo proud of themselves "exploring."

    1. I caught the last few seconds <3 Glad you were eyeballin my guy while I was obviously MIA ;)

  4. Looks like a grand time! That photo of the guy eyeing the chicken is priceless!