Friday, June 7, 2013

Snowcone Bust

Since Ava's been gone we've been gettin reports on all the fantastic adventures she's havin (splash-pad, swimming, Happy meals and play place, early birthday cake, put put golf, etc. etc.) and that's really gettin Sarah's goat. So, I'm tryin to overcompensate and find neat things for the other two to get into.....

 Ya know how I always reference our town bein like Friday Night Lights?
Yeah, that's a Katy Tigers logo on the snowcone stand tables.....

 The snowcones were a bust and we ended up throwin em away because the kids didn't really care about em. The most fun was watchin Sarah hit these folks up for their autographs. She made every last one of em sign her book because like she said "If you sign, now we're friends, okay?"

Sarah's gonna make an intense friend one day.
Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. I loved it! How bout the museum? She'd like it alot. Zoo

  2. God. I love your girl! I swear I would write out elaborate notes in her book like I did in middle school yearbooks for my BFFS. I love your town. IT looks adorable

  3. The sno-cones look delicious, sorry they were a my area we have water ice or "wooder ice" depending on what part of town you are from. The are similar to sno-cones, but the texture is smoother and the flavor is a little more well, flavorful.

    1. Wooder ice sounds waaay better than sno-cones! I just learned somethin new, thanks Suzy ;)

  4. Wooder ice is Philly slang...I absolutely hate it because everyone here says it! Its almost as annoying as when folks say "jeet?" in did you eat? Ugggh!!