Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The surprise party

Last weekend we had a surprise party for lil Ava. There was a pretty big turnout on account of folks bringin multiple kids we didn't know. But that's kinda customary around here. I've brought strange kids to a few parties myself. The more the merrier, right? ;)

 It really was an extremely laid back affair. Puttin out those afghans really gave it a Roseanne vibe. Just a good family feel happenin.....
 Gabe's butt hangin out as usual.

 Miss Brenda and her clan were invited as friends but you know them, they brought their face paintin action ;) They're such a blessing to all who know them.

 I was beat by the time the pinata surfaced and left it solely up to Jerome. Ava and Sarah were the only kids who got to wack it and bust it. But I was just too relaxed to go tell Jerome the traditional rules. There was a crowd of disappointed kids, I tell ya. But I am glad Sarah got to bust it ;)

 I swear that boy purposely moons us!


  1. I was so blessed to be there. Such an eclectic bunch of folks...Roseanne fo sho! The real deal girl. Your home is a home. Really sets people at ease and gives an open door to Freedom. :)

    1. Love your words, Pam. Anyone who affirms the Roseanne in me is good people ;) And yes, our crowd has no category.....

  2. sorry I missed the party but I agree... "am I shrinking? I think im laying in the sink"

  3. Looks like a fun party! Those cupcakes are so colorful...and makin' me hungry!